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The Scottsdale Recovery Center blog serves as a resources to provide information on all aspects of drug and alcohol addiction, from signs to look for, how to help your loved ones recover, and insights on treatment options. Visit our blog weekly for new articles. Our goal is to share our expertise and insights to help those suffering from addiction to seek help. For those who have loved ones that are addicted, the articles provide helpful information on how to get help, how to prepare for treatment, and what to expect.

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Natural Alternatives to Addictive Substances

Natural Alternatives to Addictive Substances

Life after recovery from drug addiction can be very difficult. Once you complete a drug treatment program, you have to go back into the real world and all of the stress that comes with it. It’s important to know that if you used to self-medicate with drugs, there will...

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How and Why Inhalants Are so Dangerous

How and Why Inhalants Are so Dangerous

Raising teenagers can be difficult at times. When they are abusing drugs, it can make the situation even more difficult. Unfortunately, drugs can sometimes be easier for teens to get their hands on than alcohol. Inhalants have quickly become one of the most abused...

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Why 12-Step Programs Are So Beneficial

Why 12-Step Programs Are So Beneficial

Relapses are common when people are in recovery because they make the mistake of trying to battle their addiction on their own. It’s important to know that there is help available to make the recovery process easier for you. 12-step programs have been shown to be very...

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Different Types of Addiction

When people think of addiction, their mind automatically goes to something like drugs or alcohol. Statistics show that over 21 million Americans suffer from at least one addiction. It’s becoming a greater issue with each year passing. However, what people don’t...

Importance of Legal Care During Rehab

Everyone knows that the road to sobriety is a difficult one. Without having lived through it, however, it can be difficult to fully appreciate the trouble that addiction can cause. Legal entanglements are part of most everyone’s experience with long-term addiction....

Drug Concoctions Monkey Dust, Krokodil and Nyaope

The use of the internet all over the world has given way for recreational drugs to be used worldwide; it’s now an issue that many countries are facing. For many legislators, taking away these substances is rapidly moving to the point where it’s out of their control....

Binge Drinking, Memory Loss & Alzheimer’s

When most people hear the term binge drinking, a visual of a young, carefree, 20-something year old likely comes to mind or a memory of your former self of days gone by. Though according to many recent studies, there is an uptick in binge drinking in older American...

The Biggest Celebrity Sobriety Turnarounds: Addiction Success Stories

There is no doubt that celebrities are admired by many: Hollywood’s superstars are loved, envied, praised, held in high esteem. They are looked up to in many ways and serve as role models for people of all ages, whether it’s because of the roles they’ve played, the...

Getting Addiction Treatment for a Loved One

Does a loved one have a problem with alcohol or drug abuse? Where do you start? And how do you select an addiction treatment program? Thankfully, Scottsdale Recovery can guide you every step of the way. Here’s what you can do if you’ve decided to find addiction...

The Cocaine Come Back

Cocaine used to be known as the glamor drug, from Hollywood notables to the rich and self-entitled across the United States. This preferred powder was the go-to-giddy-up at parties and provided a quick hit of adrenaline before performances, even if it was just...

Celebrity Soberversaries (Sober Anniversaries)

The same way we celebrate accomplishments, we should celebrate sober anniversaries or soberversaries. Celebrating important milestones in life makes us feel recognized, accomplished, and appreciated, giving all the more reason to celebrate sober birthdays: not only do...

Inpatient Vs Outpatient Treatment Programs at Scottsdale Recovery

Addiction is a complex brain disease characterized by compulsive drug seeking and drug use despite negative consequences. Recovering from addiction involves changing behaviors and beliefs in ways that lead to long-lasting abstinence from drugs and alcohol. In most...

Dangers of Borrowing Prescription Medications from Others

When you are in pain and cannot get in to get the doctor for one reason or another, borrowing prescription medications from someone else may be tempting. It’s easy to simply ask someone for medication that would treat the symptoms that you have. It’s important to know...

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