Are You in the Pink Cloud?

December 29, 2018

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, the pink cloud refers to a phenomenon commonly experienced by people in the early stages of recovery. The term describes a euphoric feeling on the journey to recovery, when the person experiences a high not caused by the drug they have been abusing, but from life itself. Generally a […]

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Specialized Rehabilitation

December 28, 2018

Think of all of the illegal drugs that you can. Which ones come to mind? What’s funny is that most of the drugs that come to mind have probably been around for a long time, and have been used medicinally for most of that time. It’s no secret that using any illegal drugs you can […]

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Drug Addiction in the Trans Community

December 27, 2018

Remember always that stress is one of the most commonly-cited reasons for drug abuse. Living as a transperson in an uncertain political climate almost always takes a toll – even though there exists a handful of positive transpeople who are public figures, for the most part, transpeople are much more likely to live in poverty […]

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First Nations People and Drug Addiction

December 25, 2018

Indigenous people in the United States were the first to grow, cultivate, and utilize tobacco. When these Indigenous nations first started using tobacco, tobacco had limited and sacred duties. When European colonizers arrived, though, the use for, amount of, and constitution of tobacco began to change. In fact, everything about tobacco changed, even the name. […]

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What’s Worse?

December 24, 2018

Drug addiction, though often found in those who have a family history of addiction, can affect anyone. Steering clear of drugs and alcohol is the best way to ensure that you won’t become addicted, but everyone has their guilty pleasures, and for some, drugs are a guilty pleasure. Despite knowing that, truly, the only beneficial […]

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The Worst of the Addictive Drugs

December 22, 2018

What makes a drug ‘worse’ than others? There’s no one way to say. The toll that addiction to drugs and alcohol can take not just on a person, but also on an entire community, is devastating. Drug addiction makes a nest for drug dealers, who often come with gangs. Gangs have increasingly leaned on selling […]

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Great Tips for Staying Sober

December 21, 2018

For many people, staying sober is harder than beating drug and alcohol addiction in the first place. Enjoying your sobriety is essential to staying sober. The great news is that anyone can choose to enjoy their sobriety, and make it a safe, fun experience. When you choose to enjoy your sobriety, a new world of […]

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Illicit Drugs and Their Damage on Lungs

December 20, 2018

Drug abuse is referred to as the non-medical use of drugs that may compel the person to develop physical or psychological dependence. People who are inclined towards drugs abusing often think that the only trouble they are going to get into is being caught by the law enforcing bodies for illegitimate drug use. In their […]

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Weather and Drug Consumption: How Are They Related?

December 17, 2018

When there are dark clouds looming or it’s been raining for days, you may feel lazy and lethargic. On the other hand, you might feel motivated and focused on bright, sunny days. You can’t deny the impact of weather on your mood and overall health. However, it’s a lesser known fact that weather and addiction […]

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