Treatment for Men | Scottsdale, Arizona


Structured Men’s Recovery Program

Treatment for men with substance abuse, mental health and dual-diagnosis issues, including housing, activities and support designed especially for men in Arizona


Best Arizona Drug Treatment Centers near Scottsdale, AZScottsdale Recovery Center® is a substance abuse treatment facility specializing in relapse prevention, life achievement and quality sobriety on numerous levels, offering treatment for men. Although our center is co-ed, genders are separated at times for therapeutic value. Men receive the support and structure they need from other men in the program, including male counselors, therapists, onsite techs, counselors, life & recovery coaches, physicians and even other clients.

Each recovery residence is gender-specific (male-only & female-only) and consists of numerous locations through the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe and Chandler, Arizona regions.  Our men’s drug & alcohol treatment program provides for a very integrative recovery approach that is specifically geared around issue commonly inherent to males.  Equally important, we create an environment that merges a number of clinical, holistic, therapeutic and social elements, thereby creating a very “real-life” environment that will best set the stage for long-term success in sobriety.

The men’s treatment center is unique, highly individualized and structured so that every single client receives the support, treatment and proper supervision they need to recover on a body, mind and spirit basis.  The program consists of varied male-centered activities and treatments such as: Recovery Based Yoga, Physician Meetings, Group Therapy, Individual Therapy Sessions, Guided Meditation Classes, Life & Recovery Coaching Sessions, Fun and Adventurous Outings, Holistic & Nutritional Components, Hiking, Gym, 12-Step Meetings and much more…  At Scottsdale Recovery Center, we believe in providing the most therapeutic atmosphere for healing all facets of chemical dependency and related mental health issues, while maintaining the utmost professional and structured men’s recovery environment throughout Arizona.

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