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Addiction Treatment Designed for Women

Top rated addiction treatment for Substance Abuse, Mental Health & Dual-Diagnosis for women in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona Drug Treatment Centers for Women Near Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZScottsdale Recovery Center provides specialty addiction treatment services from a gender-specific approach, meaning male-only and female-only Inpatient and Outpatient services. Although our clinical drug & alcohol rehab centers are in fact co-ed, genders are separated at times for added therapeutic value. Throughout our Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona locations we have strategically structured housing and clinical services in a way that enables us to incorporate the best of both worlds, thereby balancing both co-ed and gender-specific groups as determined by the therapy or activity type.

Women at Scottsdale Recovery Center receive targeted support and structure they require from other women in the program, including female therapists and physicians, program techs, counselors, alumni and fellow female clients. When it comes to effectively addressing the issues inherent to female drug addicts and alcoholics, there remains a number of critical components that must be addressed within the early recovery process in order to best ensure the highest likelihood for success in sobriety.

The SRC women’s treatment center is unique, highly individualized and structured so that every single client receives the support, treatment and proper supervision they need to recover. Our women’s rehab partakes in both co-ed as well as female-only activities and treatments, such as: Recovery Based Yoga, Group Therapy, Physician Meetings, Individual Therapy Sessions, Guided Meditation Classes, Fun and Adventurous Outings, Social Events, Recovery & Life Coaching Sessions, Integrative Relapse Prevention and much more…

Our reputation for being among Arizona’s few truly effective treatment programs stems from a core believe in providing the most therapeutic atmosphere for healing, while also incorporating a broad set of elements to create certain real-life conditions which truly prepare the individual for sobriety in real world settings.  Unlike most other women’s treatment programs, the SRC approach tends to be both broader and deeper on clinical, physical and spiritual levels.

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