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The Meth Epidemic

November 23, 2018

Virtually no one missed ‘X-Files’ creator Vince Gilligan’s runaway hit, ‘Breaking Bad.’ A story of a man at the crossroads of seemingly impossible decision after impossible decision, the show was timed perfectly, debuting around the time that use of methamphetamines, or meth, in the United States began to steadily rise. Methamphetamines, or meth, can take […]

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Drug Detox – The Process and Getting Help

November 17, 2018

Drugs are some of the most powerful substances on this planet. Once addicted, an individual caters to the drug and its effects above all else. They put aside their families, loved ones, careers, finances, health; anything they can compromise in exchange for a fix becomes second nature. There often does come a point where addicts […]

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What to Do When You Need A Fix

November 13, 2018

The meat and bread of addiction is the urge to use drugs or alcohol. Unless you have endured the trauma and difficulty of quitting drugs or alcohol, it is impossible to fully understand the power of the cravings for drugs. Rehabilitation clinics, like Scottsdale Recovery Center, have dedicated themselves to the highest possible success rates […]

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Affluence and Drug Addiction

October 25, 2018

As stereotypes go, drug addiction is a problem that tends to be linked with poverty. While it is true that poverty is a risk factor for developing an addiction, there are quite a few other factors that have nothing to do with socioeconomic status, such as mental health and family history. The stereotype that poverty […]

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What to Do and What to Avoid During Addiction Treatment

October 19, 2018

The addiction recovery process is full of misconceptions. These misconceptions often lead drug addicts to develop a certain outlook on whether drug rehab treatment would even be effective for them. Education is the first step toward debunking myths, and people need to realize that every treatment plans is tailored to the individual needs and conditions […]

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How to Combat Your Fear of Detox

October 15, 2018

Addiction is unpredictable. Two people could use the same amount of the exact same substance and experience extremely different results. A person will never know the degree of their addiction until they are in the thick of it. Most times, once this realization has occurred, the addict is unable to do to anything about their […]

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Synthetic Drugs and Their Effects

October 5, 2018

The rate of synthetic drug consumption is steadily rising all over the world, especially in the United States where their popularity is increasing at an alarming rate. This is because most people assume that these types of drugs are naturally grown and are perfectly safe for consumption. Unfortunately, the reality begs to differ. Do you […]

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Personality Type and Drug Addiction: Are They Linked?

September 20, 2018

As far as substance abuse and addiction are concerned, it is clear that there is no single factor responsible. Individuals who struggle with drug addiction tend to have a variety of factors that contribute to increasing their susceptibility to substance abuse addiction. Both environmental and biological factors seem to play a role, exposure to drugs […]

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ADHD Prescription Misuse and Abuse

September 17, 2018

Whether you have ADHD yourself or know someone who does, the thought of help from a stimulant seems counter-intuitive. How could an upper help someone who’s already restless, impulsive and stymied by distraction? Interestingly, the revved-up symptoms of ADHD are actually the result of decreased brain activity from a neurotransmitter deficiency, which is why this […]

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