Adventure Therapy

What is Adventure Therapy?

Different from traditional therapy and counseling, our Scottsdale Adventure Therapy gives patients a chance to take their addiction recovery to a new level.

Our Scottsdale Rehab Center is proud to offer Adventure Therapy– one of the best forms of treatment for addiction recovery. Adventure Therapy is a unique form of treatment where the patient can discover a greater sense of self-awareness without spending too much time talking with a therapist. Learn more about our offerings by contacting us today!

Below are just a few images from the many different types of sessions that Scottsdale Recovery Center has conducted over the years. The impact of this kind of therapy is amazing, and clients find their recovery is built upon a sense of teamwork, and greater sense of self, and a renewed self-confidence that will carry them through their life of sobriety.

Our sessions involve group hikes, team-based challenges, and all different levels of physical challenges all over Arizona that help our clients discover themselves. Often times we take a road trip to Sedona where the best hikes in Arizona are.