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Total crisis intervention and family guidance services for all addiction and substance abuse related matters throughout Arizona & nationwide!

Addiction Intervention and Family Guidance Services in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Arizona and NationwideBy now you’ve probably seen the television shows, or at least heard about them. At times they portray the absolute worst, as well as the absolute best moments that can potentially emerge from within the addiction and alcoholism intervention process. This is a critical process in which family, friends and loved ones in general will pull together with the common goal of getting the drug addict or alcoholic into a safe and reputable treatment program geared for his or her clinical needs.

Often times referred to as “Crisis Intervention,” it is absolutely critical that this process be planned and performed by a trained substance abuse interventionist. Given the need for family guidance and counseling throughout the process, coupled with the volatile situation that can so commonly arise during the intervention process, Scottsdale Recovery Center only works with industry-leading mental health professionals in this regard.

Whether you are here in the Arizona region or elsewhere through the country, Scottsdale Recovery Center works closely with a team of leading interventionists that are available 24/7 for the following services:

  • Nationwide intervention coordination & planning
  • Family education and guidance
  • Trained sober travel companion services to medical detox and/or residential-inpatient treatment
  • Full-service medical and mental health services coordinating (as-needed)


The Added Element of Expertise in Addiction Recovery

For over a decade, Scottsdale Recovery Center has continued to revise and set the standards of excellence when it comes to young adult treatment. As one of the region’s leading Joint Commission Accredited treatment facilities, we take it upon ourselves to extend that very same expertise into the scope of addiction intervention services. We fully understand what is at stake here, and more importantly we know how to successfully maneuver through the nuances that tend to exist more often when working with those in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.

For those traveling in from out of state into our medical detox and addiction treatment programs, we offer private shuttle services direct from all airports, train stations and bus stations to any of our Phoenix or Scottsdale, AZ locations.

Information and help on substance abuse & mental health intervention services for young adults is available 24/7 at 888.663.7847…and services are available both here in Arizona as well throughout the continental United States.


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