Those who haven’t fought with substance addiction don’t know how dangerous it is and how hard to escape its death grip. But we, at Scottsdale Recovery, do which is why we have developed extensive treatment programs to help people cope with it. The major problem is that, despite not having much control while addiction is active, the patient does regain it once the treatment has been proven successful. And it will be up to the patient to show conviction and determination in staying away from any temptation.

The substance abuse recovery plans have been designed to completely eradicate any sign of addiction, which is, in and of itself, a monumental task. Drug abuse takes over both the body and the mind of the patient, causing a complete rupture between him and the world around him. As a result, the problems a drug addict will have to fight with include:

1. Severe symptoms of withdrawal – Whenever enough time has passed without ingesting the drug (usually a minimum of 4-6 hours, up to around a day), side-effects like nausea, vomiting, headaches, confusion, hallucinations, seizures and an overall feeling of discomfort will take over. And there are only two ways for the addict to get rid of them: take another dose of the drug or seek medical attention.

2. The danger of overdosing – The brain quickly adapts to narcotics, which means it will stop producing dopamine unless the substance enters the system. The only way for the addict to experience euphoria, calm and relaxation is to keep using the drug in larger and larger quantities, thus, risking an OD. Which, in most cases, is synonymous with death.

3. Physical and mental torment – At this moment, it becomes evident that going through substance abuse recovery is crucial. The effects of the drug will grow to deliver increasingly severe physical and psychological symptoms like: bad teeth, increased blood pressure, chronic fatigue, loss of appetite and recurrent abdominal pain, seizures, cardiac arrest, anxiety, depression, and paranoia, among a myriad of others.

4. Social alienation – The relationships between the addict and those around him will slowly start to fade away. Loved ones, friends, work colleagues, everyone will slowly cut their connections to the person that is no longer a viable member of the community, further deepening the victim’s hole of depression and instilling suicidal tendencies, constant mental anguish, stress, and desperation.

These are stages every addict goes through, showing how addiction affects people on multiple levels, managing to break down one’s entire life systematically and efficiently. Their only hope is to resort to rehabilitation programs designed to control the physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms, restore the patient’s mental faculties and reverse, as much as possible, the damages dealt by the drug.

It is a constant struggle, one that will most likely last for a lifetime, because the danger for relapse is always present. There is no such thing as a perfect substance abuse recovery program, but we, at Scottsdale Recovery, do our best to stretch the limit of possibilities and help people overcome their demons and be reborn in a world they once thought it was lost for good.