Daily Relapse Prevention Workshops

Preparing addicts to deal with recovery obstacles, create a better quality life in Arizona after rehab and how to prevent a return to drug or alcohol abuse

Relapse Prevention
The Relapse Prevention Workshops are structured, interactive and facilitated groups that deliver the basic information necessary for drug and alcohol craving-management. Our primary goal is to prevent a return to alcohol and drug use.This is done by helping our clients recognize and manage the high risk situations and patterns of self-defeating thinking and behavior that sets them up to start using alcohol or drugs again. We help develop a relapse prevention plan to promote long lasting sobriety.

Most relapse prevention plans involve addressing the following areas:

Adjusting the environment of the one in recovery – This may entail changing residence, job, neighborhood, circle of friends and acquaintances, or addressing any environmental factors that may lead to a relapse. While at Scottsdale Recovery Center the clients are “safe,” as in they are supervised 24 hours/day and following our treatment schedule. This applies to after the client has completed our program and is a crucial step in the recovery process.

Use the new life skills acquired in therapy – These were presented as a means for addressing and replacing the old behaviors that contributed to addiction.

Identify the shortcomings of the current prevention plan – If an old method did not work, find another one.

Develop a network of support communities – Recovery is difficult alone. Accessing individuals and processes who understand the problems of trying to live a sober life will help prevent a relapse.


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