Lifetime Therapy

Real recovery for a lifetime takes a program that lasts just as long

Drug or alcohol addiction and mental health issues don’t happen overnight. Neither does recovery. That’s why SRC took a long, hard look at rehab industry practices, rates of relapse, exorbitant costs and identified a shortfall.

Lifetime Therapy fills the void – and then some.

A Rehab Industry First

After medical detox or a 28-day treatment program, it’s hard to reconnect with who you are and how addiction took hold. With SRC Lifetime Therapy, our clients receive ongoing support, medical checkups, emotional learning tools, life skills training and comradery from like-minded people in recovery. Lifetime Therapy will help face life stresses and the relapse triggers that come – and get past them. When we say Lifetime Therapy, we mean it. Treatment for life!

Where Insurance Companies Drop the Ball

Health insurance companies don’t understand addiction recovery like we do. If you’ve relied on them in the past, chances are, what they allowed wasn’t enough. SRC Lifetime Therapy is the most empowering, affordable, extended, addiction aftercare program available. Licensed, certified and upholding the strictest level of confidentiality.

Choose as You Go

Life changes. That’s why Lifetime Recovery programs easily change with you. Because sometimes you need a little support and other times, a little more. SRC Lifetime Therapy delivers. With many traditional and holistic therapies offered on a schedule that you choose, for a lifetime. Perfect for the post-rehab executive who needs to stay plugged into sobriety, or the young adult seeking fellowship and sober friendship, which only a rehab facility like Scottsdale Recovery Center can offer. The older family man/woman looking for a therapeutically appeasing wellness center to stay firmly planted in their recovery.

Pay as You Go

Getting started is easy. Think about what it would take to stay on track and pick what works for you. SRC Lifetime Therapy is set up in 30-day cycles. No hassles. No contracts. If you want to make a change, we’re flexible. Need some time off? No problem because you can pick up where you left off. Need us for 90 days, 2 years or more, we’re here.

Lifetime Therapy (Outpatient)

Group therapy sessions up to 5 times a week. Learn about yourself and participate therapeutically with other people trying to better their lives at our private and confidential drug rehab facility in Scottsdale, AZ. Groups are held Monday-Friday 9-1. Healthy refreshments & snacks will be provided for you.



Individual Counseling


Individual counseling with licensed, professional and experienced drug and alcohol therapists. Dive deep into your personal issues and learn about yourself from the best addiction counselors in Arizona.

Medical Doctor


Get advised on current prescriptions, speak to one of our Medical Doctors about any medicines you are on, medicines you would like to get off and/or Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) options to help curb your cravings for drugs and alcohol, specifically Opiates and Heroin. Suboxone, Vivitrol, Subutex, Naltrexone etc. We are here to assist in your recovery anyway we can, including medicinally.



Licensed Nurse Practitioners & Psychiatrists on staff to assess, listen and suggest treatment methods and ideas for your recovery.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)


Trauma therapy that really works. EMDR is a proven, effective and rare treatment modality that helps one combat and erase all childhood and other negative traumas that potentially relate to current relapse cycles. Lets break the cycle so your triggers no longer lead to a relapse.

Wellness Component

(Unlimited Yoga, Meditation)

Recovery Based Yoga, Meditation Classes, Sound Healing, Drum Circles, Music Therapy and Float Tank sessions.

Drug and alcohol testing to ensure sobriety


Enjoy the peace of mind that your loved ones will be held accountable by getting drug tested weekly by our state of the art toxicology laboratory. Urine Analysis testing twice a week and blood testing if deemed medically appropriate.
A private insurance policy will cover these tests, if not, the service is 350$/month.


Choose your plan. Empower your recovery. For a lifetime.

Package Includes:

Individual Counseling (1x/week)
Medical Doctor (2x/month)
Psychiatric (2x/month)
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) (1x/week)
Wellness Component (Unlimited yoga, meditation)
Drug and alcohol testing to ensure sobriety
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