The road to recovery, when it comes to addiction, can be long and difficult. The chances of overall success in recovery and sobriety are boosted when one considers long term drug rehab treatment, which also offers lower relapse rates. This is because treatment recognizes the complexity of the disease and offers a number of components to prevent relapse. The more time a patient spends in a well-structured treatment environment, the higher the likelihood of success. Long term drug rehab usually starts with medically-assisted detoxification, followed by rehabilitation and, eventually, aftercare support.

How Medical Detoxification Works

This, the first phase of long term drug rehab is the process of ridding a patient’s body of the substance abuse and initiating total abstinence. It is a medically supervised process that may include medication-assisted detox, drug replacement therapy, or gradual drug reduction therapy to curtail withdrawal symptoms and encourage a return to normal brain function. The process may take a few hours or a number of days depending on the length and severity of abuse being treated.

The Rehabilitation Process

This is when long term drug rehab begins, with treatment getting to the root of the cause with the help of a clinical and holistic approach. Professional treatment removes the temptation for substance abuse, focuses on behavioral changes and offers ongoing support in the form of group or individual therapy. There is also an emphasis on relapse prevention, where patients learn to recognize triggers and how to deal with them.

Importance of Aftercare

A support system is crucial because recovery is a lifelong process. Follow-ups ensure long-lasting recovery and may include outpatient treatment, a 12-step program and living in sober homes during a transition period. Support groups also help during this time, because rehabilitation programs of at least 90 days are needed to give an addicted person enough time to recover. Long term drug rehab treatments are, in this manner, geared towards helping patients build a better quality of life.

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