One single plant has got too many names like the God Plant, CBD, Cannabis, Marijuana, Hemp, and whatnot. Why is CBD always trending in the search engine indexes of the countries where it’s legal to take CBD in recreational or medicinal form? This article debunks CBD and all the rage it has put in the market. Read on to know more about this trending plant. But first, 

What is CBD?

Before talking about the facts and myths related to CBD, we all ought to know what CBD is. CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabinoid present in the Cannabis plant, which is natively grown in the cooler parts of the world. The uses of Cannabis can be traced to centuries ago when people used it for healing and recreation. Many mythologies, including the Indian mythology, strongly recommend that the Gods enjoyed cannabis, hence the name – God Plant.

Squashing the greatest myth – it causes ‘high’ effects.

For years now, even after the legalization of CBD products in almost all states of the USA and several other parts of the world, people think that CBD will cause them to behave unusually or ‘high’. It’s scientifically proven that CBD is not at all responsible for making someone feel psychoactive. However, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is purely psychoactive and will give you a cerebral high if you consume it in irrational amounts.  

Legalities Around Usage

From the start of the legalization of CBD, there was always a blurred line around its legal boundaries. And now we are all set to shift the focus of masses to its legalities. 

  • CBD isolates which have no THC content are legal for medicinal use, and recreational use as well (in selected states).  
  • Full-spectrum CBD products, capsules like CBDfx capsules, broad-spectrum CBD oils, and other topical CBD products can contain THC, but not more than 0.3% to be under the legal umbrella. In some states like Texas and Mississippi, the THC content may fluctuate to 0.5% too. 

How does CBD help the human body?

Human bodies have a system that produces cannabidiols of their own. This system is called the Endocannabinoid system (ECS). When this system is in disarray, the body is instantly less immune to all types of diseases. When it is introduced to the body, it brings a balance to the levels of the ECS, kickstarting the healing process.

A boon for the health and wellness industry – CBD’s copious results for good health:

CBD for endometriosis

Females have a tissue lining the inside of their uterus – the endometrium. In endometriosis, the tissue starts growing at places other than the uterus lining such as on ovaries, fallopian tubes, and other pelvic organs. The condition causes severe pain during menses. 

This medicinal element comes to the rescue by reducing pain, stopping cell proliferation, and stopping the affected cells from spreading into further pelvic regions. You can learn more at CBD Treasure for further details.

CBD & diabetes

Diabetes is an inflammatory disease, and CBD works excellently to reduce inflammation. The ingested molecules attach themselves with the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the body’s ECS system and control inflammation, keeping the blood sugar level in check. 

The savior for children suffering from epilepsy.

Several studies show CBD to be helpful in seizures among epileptic children. These studies have provided a breakthrough to the medical research industry with a possible and potential cure for epilepsy in children. 

Now the medical industry knows that CBD is good for seizures, and it is working around with that to produce epileptic medicines like Epidiolex that contain the goodness of it. 

Relieving stress.

Stress is an integral part of today’s life that revolves around a corporate world. And yet again, it comes to humanity’s rescue. Intense research by the Department of Pharmacology, Brazil, and the University of São Paulo suggests that CBD is a strong anxiolytic substance and should be used to treat stress and depression.

CBD’s tentative revelations

Although CBD’s a great chemical compound to start your healing journey, there are some conditions where more testing is required to announce CBD as an alleviating compound. These conditions demand extensive research on humans, and not on animals to conclude positive results. Following are the conditions that require more studies on their engagement with CBD:

  • Enhancing libido.
  • Shrinking or curing benign tumors.
  • Treating arthritis, and not its symptoms – an already an excellent painkiller. 

However, every coin has two sides. When people take authentic CBD with all the correct means, then nothing comes in their way to good health. But if someone neglects facts mentioned below while using it, then they might land in turbulent waters. 

  • As the FDA and other government bodies are not regulating the production and distribution of CBD products, it’s wiser to turn towards trusted sellers. A trusted seller will have legitimate lab reports to back their CBD products. 

The lab reports prove that sourced cannabis is free from pesticides, bugs, and other harmful metals. 

  • One should also look for sellers whose products have less than 0.3% THC contents, with a lab report to back their product. 
  • Comparatively, it’s better to source products like vaping oils, balms, and other snacks and beverages that are derived from organically grown hemp, and not marijuana.

There are certain thumb rules of dosage which are pretty effective, they are:

  • Always start taking it in the guidance of a medical professional. An expert will suggest the correct dosage for you to start with.
  • Start slowly with doses, and increase them over time.
  • If after taking a pill/oil/tincture/edibles, the effects don’t kick in immediately, people should wait for at least 90 minutes before another intake for visible efficacy. 

Many studies prove the efficacy of the best CBD Arizona in treating various ailments and the future of CBD in the health and wellness industry looks promising. With more positive reviews coming to light and several places making the compound legal, the market is sure to grow exponentially.

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