Native American Program

Scottsdale Recovery Center (SRC®) is committed to serving the individual needs of Native American Indian/Alaska Natives suffering from substance abuse and co-occurring disorders with our Native American Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program. Scottsdale Recovery Center’s unwavering position in offering a strategic and methodical approach to full dimensional wellness is established on a culture of compassion, respect, and support. Our culturally conscious components offer therapeutic interventions that combine traditional healing and evidence-based practices that elevate the industry standard. Respect and support of the intricacies and innate qualities of Native American Indian populations is our principal dynamic as we provide access to clinically sound and culturally appropriate treatment services.

Scottsdale Recovery Center’s providers are conscious of the unique dynamics associated with case management needs such as limited access to transportation, spirituality and access to cultural/religious practices, housing and environmental influence, financial literacy, educational and occupational opportunities in addressing all elements of overall wellness.

Scottsdale Recovery captures the intricacies of native populations while navigating the recovery process in alignment with all indigenous communities, returning the people to an original state so they can flourish in their homelands.

There is no prejudice in addiction. The disease rips through communities of all color, creed, religion and nationality. One could say that addiction is an equal opportunity hater, because there’s no love in drug or alcohol dependency to the user or loved ones of those afflicted. However, research and case studies show an alarming predisposition to addiction in indigenous peoples across the United States. In Arizona, it is evident. Despite the wealth of knowledge in how environment, genetics and social behaviors play a heavy role in the disease, the problem is escalating.

We know the Native American people deserve better. This is where Scottsdale Recovery Center brings it all home.

Drug Dependency Increases Chronic Illness and Mortality Rates

native american cultureExcessive and/or long-term drug intake create a physiological imbalance, compromising overall health and reducing the body’s natural ability to heal. These are the effects of chemical dependency in anyone using prescription, illicit or recreational drugs. But there are other circumstances within tribal nations that exacerbate the cycle of addiction and the difficulty in getting help.

Underemployment, underwhelming living conditions and lack of available healthcare services that support wellness often leave the peoples in this community without the resources necessary to find another way, let alone have a choice in experiencing a better life. Collectively, it leads many to an existence where alcohol and drugs are primary coping mechanisms to mask the overwhelming pain felt on mental, physical and spiritual levels.

Mental Illness and Alcoholism

People with alcohol use disorder (AUD) have an increased risk in developing a mental health condition, such as depressive, bi-polar and anxiety disorders. When drug or alcohol dependency occurs simultaneously with a mental illness, it is referred to as a co-occurring disorder or dual diagnosis. Whether the mental health issue led to self-medicating or drug addiction created the mental disease, those who live with dual diagnosis, left untreated, struggle immensely.

Alcoholism within the Native American community is more prevalent than in the general population, and according to the Centers for Disease Control, makes them more prone to develop diabetes and kidney failure.

  • 2x more likely to have diabetes than Caucasians
  • Diabetes causes kidney failure in 2 of 3 Native Americans

Even though there are many advancements in the fields of neuroscience, the harm to North America’s indigenous people continue.

Native American Youth and Suicide

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death in native AmericansThe signs of undue stress are obvious – the numbers of Native American adolescents and young adults succumbing to suicide are astounding. Unfortunately, suicide is the eighth leading cause of death for Alaska Natives and American Indians. To break this down even further,

Overall, mortality rates in the indigenous community far surpass non-Hispanic whites. In addition, suicide rates are almost 50 percent higher within tribal nations as well.

Scottsdale Recovery Center Partners with Arizona Tribal Nations

There’s no reason for our Native American population or indigenous peoples of Arizona to suffer in silence any longer. As a member of the Native American community, there are resources available to you that will address addiction, mental illness and help identify the root cause. We cater to several Native American tribes across the United States with a very strong success rate of long-term sobriety. Some of the Tribal Programming we include at Scottsdale Recovery Center are: sweat lodge ceremonies, drum circles, pow-wows, smudging rituals, vision quests and medicine men visitations.

Scottsdale Recovery Center is a leader in the addiction treatment industry, with legitscript certification. Our Native American Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs include the use of the most sought methodologies, both in holistic and traditional treatments, geared to help heal every aspect of addiction and support you or a loved one through recovery, for good.

Scottsdale Recovery Center addiction treatment for Native Americans includes:

Our licensed, seasoned professionals understand the importance of blending science, compassion and personal culture into each patient. Unique perspectives and practices provided here aren’t just gateways to wellness, they inspire the best in our people and those we treat.

If you’re ready to get past addiction and focus on living well, start the process by verifying your insurance.

We proudly partner with Indian Health Services in the treatment for drug and alcohol addictions and mental health conditions.

Never Alone, Together We Meet and Overcome

We know the power of camaraderie in facing addiction and working through its challenges. Although many tribal members reside within their respective reservation, Scottsdale Recovery Center respects the traditions of these communities during treatment.

Although we offer a 12-step program (among others), each person has a hand in their treatment options that are not meant to override culture but complement and enhance it. In fact, we are family focused and integrate community outreach in everything we do.

For more information, please review our treatment offerings.

To talk to a caring addiction treatment advisor in confidence, contact us or call now at (866)523-7634.

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At Scottsdale Recovery Center we employ very effective and comprehensive methods within the overall scope of medical detoxification. Our ultimate goal isn’t simply to wean the patient off whatever substances he or she is addicted to, but rather to catapult them into a highly effective experience within the overall addiction treatment process, one that is poised to create a realistic pathway into long-term, quality sobriety.