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Arizona’s Premier Luxury Drug Rehab Center. The structure all addicts lack, balanced with supervised contact with other professional individuals in recovery to ensure long lasting sobriety and safety. All in the comforts of beautiful, private and high-end residential homes. Luxury drug rehab centers are few and far between, trust Arizona’s luxury treatment leader since 2007

Imagine a life completely free from the obsession to use drugs or drink alcohol ever again. Your self-esteem restored, your relationships improving and you beginning to experience joy and hope, once again. Successful luxury drug and alcohol treatment is built on discovering yourself once again, and embracing your true self. Once you understand addiction and your personal patterns, you can move toward health, freedom and happiness. With the help and support of a caring staff of physicians, counselors, nurses and Doctors, you will be given the tools to create a brand-new life for yourself. That’s our goal for you here at Scottsdale Recovery Center, Scottsdale, Az’s most trusted and experienced luxury rehab centers.

Luxurious Residential Treatment Facility

At Scottsdale Recovery Center, clients receive the same type of treatment and living conditions that are offered at any other high-end residential treatment facility. However, we believe that isolating a recovering addict in one same building all day long and not allowing him/her contact with the outside world, does not necessarily prepare him/her for real life situations. Scottsdale Recovery Center offers the structure all addicts lack, balanced with supervised contact with other individuals in and outside of recovery. Residents from our gender specific Inpatient Residential homes receive full treatment and professional medical care in a safe, supportive and luxury rehab center environment.

All week long clients spend the majority of the day at our licensed luxurious treatment center, where they receive full substance abuse treatment, physiological counseling, therapeutic healing, spiritual therapy, medical care and recovery exercise courses they need to conquer the barriers that cause continued drug and alcohol usage. All of this, with the help of our experienced, licensed therapists, Medical Doctors and Nurses. Emphasis is placed on continued stabilization with intensive treatment and support taken place in a luxury rehab center in Scottsdale, AZ.

At the end of their therapeutic activities, our Behavioral Health Technicians pick up the clients and drive them to their afternoon activities. These activities are all therapeutically driven to provide serenity, strength and emotional stillness while in treatment with us. Whether it be outside AA / Smart Recovery meetings, trips to the gym, hiking, fishing, bowling, a movie, field-trips and in some instances, doctor appointments, court and probation/parole visit, clients stay busy and also learn how to have fun in recovery! Arizona drug rehabs are not all the same, Scottsdale Recovery Center sets the bar for all luxury drug treatment in the USA!

Is substance abuse treatment necessary? Absolutely. Our experience and knowledge proves that drug and alcohol detox alone isn’t nearly enough. Our goal is to help you conquer your drug or alcohol addiction FOR GOOD, and start you on the road to solid recovery. If long-term recovery is your ultimate goal, then drug or alcohol detox is the first step in your walk toward a clean life. Once your body has finished detoxing, the treatment process can begin. Our luxury medical detox center will be the first step of your drug and alcohol detox process. Clients typically stay in our medical drug detox for 5-7 days, depending on the substance they are withdrawing from. After detox is completed and clients are medically cleared by our MD, we pick them up and take them directly to our Inpatient Rehab Center where your journey begins!

We offer a full range of upscale drug and alcohol treatment options: luxury drug & alcohol treatment programs, Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP), Dual Diagnosis Treatment, Co-Occuring Disorders Treatment, Trauma and PTSD Treatment (EMDR) and many more therapeutically modalities that have proven TO WORK! The work our patients do in our luxury drug rehab center is some of the most challenging work one can undertake. The path to personal change is never easy. But with the support and guidance of the caring professionals at Scottsdale Recovery Center, our patients and their families find it is transformational. There is hope for recovery, we see it every day.

Luxury Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Scottsdale, AZ

In an effort to provide the most dynamic and comprehensive luxurious treatment services possible, Scottsdale Recovery Center employs:

  • Gender-specific and coed group therapy led by experienced addiction therapists
  • One-on-one counseling sessions with addiction therapists
  • Evidence-Based Practices- Cognitive Behavioral Counseling & Motivational Interviewing
  • Holistic, Scientific, Disease Model and 12-step Methods
  • Drug Education
  • Dr./ Physician created and driven rehabilitation programs
  • Relapse Prevention Groups
  • Process Groups
  • Family Groups
  • Alcohol and Drug Evaluations
  • Luxury Rehab Center
  • Private Luxurious Homes Boasting Pools, Spas, Steam Rooms, Private Chefs and Massages

Research proves that long term recovery from alcohol and drug dependency is achieved by a solid foundation of caring and supportive therapy in a stable and structured environment. The longer one stays free from drugs and alcohol the better their chances of stopping the destructive cycle of dependence and addiction. Our treatment philosophy is not just 12-step based; we utilize Evidence Based Practices, Holistic and Scientific based methods as well. We help clients recognize the benefits of meeting others who succeed daily in overcoming the effects of this bio-psychosocial disease. Our entire staff is committed to your recovery and we work together as a strong team to support you and your family through this process.

While having the choice to seek rehab for drug or alcohol / behavioral health issues at a luxury rehab center is definitely a privilege, the reason for taking such a step is often times very painful and sometimes life-threatening. Addiction does not discriminate based on social or economic status. So while all the perks of a luxury rehab center are worth talking about, the actual treatment—medical detox, evidenced-based group therapy, and individual therapy sessions, trauma-informed care, EMDR, to name a few—is the crux of what makes a luxury rehab center truly effective. The special indicator of a luxury alcohol rehab center is individualized treatment and personalized care. Furthermore, the concept of luxury drug drug centers hasn’t always had a place in the recovering community. It became popular mostly in the Malibu luxury treatment center landscape. Referred to as the “Malibu Model,” personalized drug treatment is a term used by many luxury drug rehab centers but the essence of truly individualized care isn’t always guaranteed by the luxury rehab provider that affirms it. Remarkable individualized drug and alcohol treatment takes the unique personality, medical history, physical health, spiritually, mental health, past and current substance abuse issues, and overall life goals and desires in order to create a drug treatment plan aimed individually for them.
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