You’ve accepted the fact that you have an addiction, and the next step lies in seeking the right treatment. With over 14,000 drug rehabilitation centers in the United States, picking the one that is most reliable and suitable for your needs can be a tricky and timely process. With addiction, it is imperative that treatment begins as soon as the addict has come to terms with their condition: they shouldn’t have to waste any additional time reviewing center after center to discover which one offers the highest quality treatment.

Scottsdale Recovery Center is rooted in establishing the best individualized treatment for each patient that walks through our doors. Addictions cannot be generalized. Each person, whether they are dependent on the same substance or not, develops their own set of symptoms and side effects in relation to the root cause of their addiction. Some addictions are severe, others more mild; despite differing levels of dependency, we offer professional, trustworthy care to all of our patients.

We are proud to announce that Scottsdale Recovery Center has been certified by LegitScript. The standards and guidelines for certification are lengthy and require a high level of compliance, but our dedication to bettering the lives of others made the process worthwhile.

What is LegitScript?

Addiction RecoveryLegitScript is “…a verification and monitoring service for online pharmacies and addiction treatment providers”. Once a treatment center submits an application, this third-party organization reviews each submission in order to determine which centers are operating with integrity and which are not.

Just because it’s a treatment center doesn’t mean it has the best intentions for its patients in mind. Many treatment centers across the United States are more focused on profit, and prioritize their own income rather than the wellbeing of their clients. For example, after thorough investigation, treatment centers in South Florida were found to be capitalizing on the opioid crisis by billing insurances companies for millions of dollars for patient treatment and counseling. Despite this supposed treatment, none of their patients were recovering.

When you’ve decided you’re ready for treatment, it can be easy to overlook faulty services because you’re ready to begin the recovery process. Being in such a vulnerable state makes it more important than ever to do your research and make sure you can identify whether or not a facility is properly administering treatment and care. In being LegitScript certified, addicts looking into rehab centers can identify Scottsdale Recovery Center as a high-quality facility with the best intentions and services at your disposal.

It is important to note that only centers that have been verified via LegitScript are allowed to legally advertise on Facebook and Google. If you’ve come across a center you’re interested in but they don’t have ads on established domains, this could be a warning sign that the facility you’re looking into isn’t the safest.

Our Services

Scottsdale Recovery Center has been referred to as one of Arizona’s top inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment centers. We’ve separated our specialized treatment program into two separate groups, catering specifically to those 18-35 and 35+. By identifying the differences between these two age groups, we are able to better provide our services to each of the demographics listed.

This is what sets Scottsdale Recovery Center apart from the rest. Aside from being LegitScript certified, we have found that our approach to treatment has resulted in significantly lower relapse rates. Our services range from medical detox, to dual diagnosis, to intensive inpatient and outpatient treatments, as well as monitored aftercare.

All of our specialists and medical professionals are invested in your long term success. Our programs may last from 60 to 90 days, but treatment doesn’t end there. Part of our mission it to make sure that each of our patients has a sense of security and continued guidance once their program ends. In doing so, we ensure that every one of our recovering clients knows they can always return to us for additional assistance.

Chris Cohn, owner and founder of Scottsdale Recovery Center, had a few words to share on the facility’s recent certification:

“Getting LegitScript certified is another way for Scottsdale Recovery Center to help parents, loved ones and those suffering with the disease of addiction to feel comfortable in their decision to enter our program. Having the clients best interest in mind, my staff conducts themselves ethically, honestly and always with compassion. The same rings true for our marketing efforts online. I am very proud of the entire SRC Team and it feels good to be recognized by Google and Legitscript as one of the good guys in Arizona.”

We believe this certification will only further our reach and allow for more and more patients to enroll in our programs. Only 50% of our patients come from in-state, meaning we have contributed to addiction recovery on a national level.

Our mission at Scottsdale Recovery Center is to provide the best overall care we possibly can. This ranges from the accommodations at our facility, to nutritional services, to different therapy options, as well as aftercare treatment. As mentioned, this certification provides a sense of safety and comfort to current and future patients in knowing that our services are rooted in integrity and purpose.

To check the legitimacy of any other facilities as well as our own, visit LegitScript and make sure your rehabilitation investment will be worth it. If you’ve stumbled upon our blog, you shouldn’t look any further: Scottsdale Recovery Center guarantees that you will be placed in the best care that addiction treatment has to offer. Call us today for more information on the full scope of our services.


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