Lifetime Therapy Guarantee


Sobriety isn’t “a given” at the end of drug or alcohol treatment. In fact, with overall rates of addiction relapse being 60 – 90 percent, what you do after is the difference between success and your next detox program. That’s why Scottsdale Recovery Center has created an industry first — Lifetime Therapy. Because recovery is for a lifetime… your aftercare should last just as long, at no cost*.

Get Rehab Right, the First Time

Come here to get clean and sober. Whether it’s your first attempt at addiction recovery or you’ve been elsewhere for help, our Lifetime Therapy Program is here to complement our drug and alcohol treatment programs, by extending many of the benefits you receive during the initial phase of recovery.

Here’s How Our Guarantee Works:

1. Complete our 60-day Residential Inpatient Treatment, then
2. Complete 30 days of our Lifetime Therapy Program, and then be entitled to
3. Lifetime Therapy* – FOR LIFE, FOR FREE!
4. Minimize your risk of relapse.
5. Strengthen your ability to choose wellness.
6. Own a healthy and positive lifestyle for good.

Scottsdale Recovery Center takes you farther than you ever thought possible. When you’re serious about recovery….

The SRC Lifetime Therapy Guarantee defines it. Recovery reimagined.

*Applies to unlimited outpatient program for SRC patients who successfully complete the above criteria and other conditions of treatment programs. Initial 30-day Outpatient program must be entered into right after 60-day RTC completion.

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