Letter from the Founder


Words of Encouragement from the Founder of Scottsdale Recovery Center

I have been where you are and rose above to create Arizona’s finest drug addiction, mental health and dual diagnosis treatment programs

Dear Friends, Mothers, Fathers, Siblings, Family Members and all those affected by addiction:

My name is Chris Cohn. I’m the Founder and President of Scottsdale Recovery Center. I’m also a recovering addict and alcoholic. Having suffered through substance abuse addiction and coming out the other side as a changed person, I understand the effect it can have on a family. A drug and alcohol addiction can be a love affair that exceeds even the love of a family member. The programs we implement in our treatment program are designed to help the still suffering alcoholic and drug addict get and stay sober, for life. There is no grey area in this deal; you’re either sober or you’re not. Teeter-tottering between sobriety and addiction for an addict or alcoholic is a recipe for disaster and from experience I can promise you one thing: continued incomprehensible demoralization.

We are in business to help those that have accepted their powerlessness over drugs and/or alcohol and are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve life-long sobriety. We can only provide the tools, resources and the foundation, the willingness will need to come from within yourself. Having gone through multiple intense residential treatment centers as well as living in and managing sober living homes and working at treatment centers, I can tell you that what we offer WORKS. Our success rate for long-term sobriety is very high. With that in mind, one must be willing to walk through the uncomfortable, the unknown and the fear to get what’s waiting on the other side. There are plenty of recovery programs here in Arizona for you to choose from, however, few of them are ran by recovering addicts who have the personal addiction experience and can relate to your situation more than I can. And for those of you who think you can manage your addiction on your own, let me tell you, it does not work.

The More Treatment the Better:

It’s pretty simple, the more comprehensive treatment and therapy one receives the better their chances are for life-long sobriety. Comprehensive and medically assisted treatment is the key ingredient in the recipe for everlasting sobriety. Thirty days is not nearly enough, four to six months is what we recommend. I say this because my personal stay in treatment was six months and by the Grace of God, I’m still sober today. My life continues to get more amazing everyday and I owe that solely because of my sobriety.

We offer the following treatment modalities because these are the tactics that we have seen the greatest success from: Intensive Group Therapy, Relapse Prevention Groups designed by our Medical Doctors, Physicians and Addictionologists, Process Groups, Family Groups, One-on-One Counseling, immediate and consistent Medical Doctor, Physician and Addictionologist assistance, Psychiatrist/Psychologist on staff, Sober Coaching, EMDR and Life Coaching, to name a few. We also offer other, non-traditional but very effective modalities of treatment including Recovery Based Yoga Classes, Guided Meditation Classes, Equine Therapy and Art Therapy. The clients live in upscale, very private and serene homes located in Scottsdale and they are driven to the treatment center daily.

Thank you for letting me be of service and I’m sure you will meet me as we “trudge the road of happy destiny” together.


Chris Cohn, MAC, NCRS, LASAC
[email protected]
Chris Cohn, Founder Scottsdale Recovery Center


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