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With drug and alcohol addiction, intervention, treatment and recovery are brought about by a tragedy where injury to a person, property or even death are associated with the perpetrator’s substance abuse gone out of control. Local, state or federal government agencies may be involved, making an already complicated situation, more complex. There’s an onslaught of necessary paperwork, penalties and other fees and financial burdens that must be faced and dealt with according to court mandated requirements.

Addiction treatment can be overwhelming. Add the potential for incarceration and the person who needs help most – the addict – gets lost in the shuffle putting themselves and families at greater risk.

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If you advise your clients to seek addiction treatment or it’s part of a court order, getting help could make the difference between making a turn for the better or being a repeat offender. We help people get sober, for life. The professionals at Scottsdale Recovery Center understand that addiction is more than a disease – it’s a life altering circumstance. To represent your clients best, referring them to a facility that provides industry-leading treatment and program choices administered by highly-accredited medical and holistic practitioners increases the likelihood for success. Give us a call to confidentially speak about your clients needs: 1-888-NODRUGS

Beneficial therapeutic experiences take place at our Inpatient Residential, Intensive Outpatient, and Sober living facilities each day as healing happens by allowing clients to solely focus on their recovery. Our legal facilitators work with attorneys, probation officers and other legal and civic professionals to ensure that all paperwork and procedural requirements are completed and processed on time, on behalf of our clients. We’re here as a compassionate partner and sobriety advocate, for life.

We know you work hard for your clients. Let us complement the good in you, for them.

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