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The face of addiction can show itself during a well checkup, specialist medical appointment or high school counselor’s office. People who are fighting the disease of addiction may not recognize the signs that indicate a problem or believe that it is being hidden successfully. You might be the first point of contact in a line of actions that need to take place to get them help – before it’s too late.

Make the Call, Save a Life

Refer for Treatment

Substance addiction treatment is a specialized area of care within behavioral health best practiced by those who have the accreditations and experience to assess the specific needs of the patient. Unfortunately, statistics show that more than half of those with alcohol or substance use disorder also have a mental illness, such as anxiety or depressive disorders.

Enable a solution. All it takes, is a phone call or email. Use the form below to send the pertinent information needed to get the process started. Scottsdale Recovery Center adheres to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements at our facilities and through the sharing of information via compliant, confidential and secure email platforms.

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