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Scottsdale Recovery Center® does not operate its own Detox Facility, we refer out to only a select few accredited and private detox facilities in the Scottsdale area. After our patients are properly detoxed, they enter our Residential Treatment Facility or PHP Program. We provide transportation to and from the detox facility, as well as visitations from our staff members to make you feel comfortable before entering into our program.Each year, about 3 million people in the United State undergo Medical Detoxification from addictive substances. It is an effective and worthwhile option for people looking for a safe way to detox from drugs and alcohol. With trained medical professionals, the detox process is an effective process and medically supervised to reassure the safest detoxing environment.

There are many detox methods apart from the conventional medical detox; however, a lot of these have proven to be either harmful or largely ineffective against alleviating the effects of addiction.

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