Recovery Based Yoga

Recovery Based Yoga

Scottsdale Recovery Center is a huge fan of yoga. Not only can it bring balance to a troubled mind, but it helps increase self-awareness, enhance physical and mental stamina, purify and detoxify the body, improve strength, flexibility and stability, and discover a spiritual energy from within.

Scottsdale Recovery Based Yoga for Addiction Treatment in ArizonaIn collaboration with Dark Star Yoga, a yoga studio owned by the SRC’s owner, Chris Cohn, Scottsdale Recovery Center’s clients are able to practice yoga privately and comfortably, guided by our own professional, certified and highly experienced recovery based yoga instructors. All yoga classes are private to SRC. The clients participate in our Recovery Based Yoga classes 3-4 times a week, sometimes more depending on schedules. The results we’ve seen first hand are astonishing; yoga is amazing, not only for the recovering addict and alcoholic, but for anyone!

Yoga and the 12 Steps Program work hand-in-hand to take you on a journey with the same destination, which is to live a good life and aspire to something greater than one’s self.

As stated in “Yoga for Wellness” by Gary Kraftsow, we are each born with certain genetically predetermined characteristics that influence our health, however we have an opportunity through changing our actions to effect great changes in our degree of wellness. He goes on to explain that this process of change begins with discipline of the body, breath and mind, known in Yoga tradition as asana practice.

It is with this beautiful practice that a means of self-awareness is discovered, which is essential for self-transformation.