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Addiction and Mental Health Treatment

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We Accept Humana Insurance

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ANNOUCING Scottsdale Recovery Center is In Network With HUMANA for Substance Abuse and Drug and Alcohol Treatment. Call our Admissions Line today at 602-346-9142.

Scottsdale Recovery Center full-scope residential and Inpatient recovery programs coupled with our outpatient services redefines the treatment process when it comes to drugs, alcohol, and dual-diagnosis issues. Utilizing advanced hybrid approaches consisting of evidenced based, holistic, 12-Step and non-12-Step philosophies, our ability to create total paradigm shifts within the hearts and minds of Scottsdale Recovery Center clients and their families through our family workshops. This is a unique characteristic that few treatment centers share.

Scottsdale Recovery Center is one of the top-rated drug and alcohol rehab treatment centers in Arizona and offer individualized treatment with comfortable amenities to assist you on your journey to long term recovery.

If you have HUMANA insurance we are an in network provider with the HUMANA NETWORK, part of or even the entire cost of treatment may be covered. Our admission staff can help you walk through these steps to see if HUMANA drug rehab insurance coverage is available for you or your loved one. Call us today at 602-346-9142.


Determine Your Coverage – Utilize Your Insurance – HUMANA Rehab Insurance Coverage

While many insurance companies classify drug or alcohol addiction as a medical condition, HUMANA offers a several coverage options including behavioral health, mental health, and medical coverage. Each insurance policy is unique, and coverage is based on several individual factors. It is sometimes be a confusing process, however, at Scottsdale Recovery Center , we’re here to walk your through the process by verifying your HUMANA rehab insurance coverage and determining the most cost effective solution for your recovery.

By following the steps below, you will be able to learn more about your HUMANA drug and alcohol rehab insurance coverage:

  • First Step – Contact Scottsdale Recovery Center at 602-346-9142. Our Admission Team will assist in identifying if we are a good fit and will help verify your insurance coverage.
  • Second Step – Our Admission Team will reach out to HUMANA directly and provide you with your specific policy terms and out of pocket costs if any you will incur.
  • Third Step – Based on your policy terms, we will work with your insurance to determine the optimal length of stay and all costs associated with your plan terms and coverage. Our Admission Team will provide you with a verification of benefits (VOB) detailing exactly what has been communicated by HUMANA on your drug and alcohol treatment stay. You are not alone, and your HUMANA drug rehab insurance coverage could be the key to getting the treatment you deserve.


About HUMANA Coverage for Drug Rehab

HUMANA Inc. is a for-profit American health insurance company based in Louisville, Kentucky. In 2020, the company ranked 52 on the Fortune 500 list, which made it the highest ranked company based in Kentucky. It has been the third largest health insurance in the nation. Scottsdale Recovery Center accepts HUMANA drug and alcohol rehab coverage and is happy to be an in-network provider for HUMANA members.


Change is Possible at Scottsdale Recovery Center

Let us help you regain the life you had before your addiction took center stage. With Scottsdale Recovery Center’s approach to drug and alcohol rehab, you have the power to overcome your addiction and achieve lasting change. Let this be your first step and call our Admission Team at 1888-NO-DRUGS (1-888-663-7847) and have your HUMANA rehab insurance coverage verified.