Humana Insurance for Addiction Recovery Treatment

About Humana

Humana offers coverage for rehab treatment programs and mental health through Humana Behavioral Healthcare. Humana insurance can cover rehab treatment programs and mental health services like drug and alcohol detox, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient treatment, and inpatient treatment which mainly depends on the particular plan that you’re on. Leave it up to us and our recovery advisors to work directly with Humana representatives and determine the level of coverage that you have in order to help you gather all the proper documentation that you’ll need for preauthorization that’s based on your medical necessity.

Humana has both HMO and PPO plans and is a well known and trusted health insurance provider. Over the years, the company has won a lot of awards including the RobecoSAM Sustainability Award, one of the Top 25 Noteworthy Companies by DiversityInc, a Stevie Award for MyHumana Mobile and The Human Rights Campaign’s award for one of the best places to work.

Humana alcohol and drug addiction recovery

If you or one of your loved ones is struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction we are here to help you find a program that can fit your needs perfectly. Call us today so that you can get a free benefits check. We’ll be here to help you determine if your Humana insurance can cover your treatment or at least cover a portion of it.
Even though Humana addiction recovery can be handled in almost all parts of the country, Humana itself doesn’t administer the claims for addiction treatment directly. LifeSynch, a branch of Humana administrs the behavioral health claims, under which all addiction treatments fall. The fact that they have a special unit for it makes pursuing Humana addiction recovery so much easier than it would be if you were using a conventional insurance arrangement. What makes their dedicated behavioral health wing better at making the process so smooth is the fact that they are more efficient and knowledgeable when it comes to mental health.

Humana’s range of health insurance includes:

  • Seperate options for Humana medical insurance plans for employers.
  • Family and individual plans like dental insurance, vision, and pharmacy.
  • Medicare plans, like Medicare prescription drug plans, Medicare supplement plans, and Medicare Advantage.

What’s covered by Humana?

Humana rehab offers different plan options when it comes to mental health service which includes drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Humana is a great option for both individuals and families that seek health insurance coverage. Other than drug or alcohol abuse rehab and detox placement, there are also other coverage options and products that this health insurance provider offers to its policyholders.

Coverage for rehab treatment programs

As a technologically advanced and large health insurance provider, Humana has a big range of insurance options which include mental health services and cover rehab treatment programs. Your coverage policy can depend on a few different factors including:

  • Your selected plan
  • Your treatment type
  • Your state of residence

All of the variables listed above can greatly impact the amount of coverage that you’ll be offered at a Humana rehab facility. It’s required by law that Humana Insurance provides coverage for drug and alcohol addiction treatments. Although it all depends on the plan you have chosen.

Alcohol Rehab

A Humana rehab can cover alcohol addiction treatment. The treatment options that are available to you can vary. In order to familiarize yourself with your available options, you could meet up with an advisor and be able to discuss the details of your or any other plan that you’re interested in.

Drug rehab

Humana rehab offers a big range of different plans that cover many areas. That’s why it’s not difficult to find a suitable drug rehab option regardless of what stage of your health journey you’re in.

Understanding How Humana Covers Addiction Treatment

We know that this part can be a bit complex and confusing. That’s why we’ll try to clarify everything for you, starting with your insurance coverage with Humana so that we can get rid of all your doubts and fears regarding whether or not your treatment will be covered.
In most of the cases we’ve worked with, we’ve found that Humana covers a big portion of the rehabilitation fees of its policyholders. Here’s the process that we’ll go through, step-by-step:

  • We’ll review your Humana insurance plan thoroughly and completely.
  • We’ll determine whether or not you are covered for the rehab treatment programs, including the kind of treatment and the amount of money that would be covered by your plan.
  • We’ll see which treatment centers will accept your insurance benefits and help you choose the one that works best for you according to your specifications and standards.
  • We’ll refer you to the desired place of treatment.

Dealing with an addiction can be stressful enough. Let us ease your whole process and help you get the treatment you deserve. Our knowledgeable and talented professionals will help you find out exactly what your plan can cover.

Humana’s helpful mobile apps

MyHealth: Keep tabs on your blood pressure and tracks your health measurements, weight, caloric intake, etc.
HumanaVitality: Motivates you into doing certain activities by giving you rewards and Vitality Points.
Humana Pharmacy: Helps you order prescription refills from any place as long as your plan also includes Humana’s mail delivery service. This app even has a pill reminder.
Humana even offers its policyholders a nurse phone service, and a trained nurse that provides mothers to be with individualized guidance, education, and all kinds of resources on demand.

Let’s Get You the Best Treatment that You Deserve!

Let our experienced counselors help you with the whole process, so that you don’t feel stressed out and worried about whether you’ll have your rehab treatment program covered. You can be sure that we never recommend a rehab facility that doesn’t meet or exceed our standards and we never waste any time on the way. That’s how we make sure to get you on that path towards recovery and sobriety in no time!