Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance for Addiction Recovery Treatment

The ever more present battle of our lives – addiction

Addiction is a very common sickness in the modern era of living, no matter if we like to admit it or not. People are struggling and living with illusions that are not being dragged to a certain addiction while slowly losing the battle. The battle of life itself. Even the ones who are aware of it are too weak and ashamed to ask for help.

About Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) for addiction recovery treatment  is currently one of the largest not-for-profit, tax paying Health Insurance Companies. It’s located in Newark, New Jersey, and it serves over 3.6 million members and offers a variety of quality health insurances products and services. Blue Cross Blue Shield is accepted in all 50 states of the States.

Its plans are generally accepted by almost all rehab centers across the country and they also include a Preferred Provider Organization plan (PPO).

(PPO) is a kind of organization that has contracts with multiple medical providers (hospitals, doctors, rehab centers) bounding them together in a network which offers products and services at the lower prices. All participants can enjoy discounts and use them to pay more for the same services in institutions who don’t work with PPO.

The main problem for people is that they are not experienced and informed well enough to find the appropriate treatment facility for themselves. Next thing they do is Google it and lean on other people’s comments and ratings for such a vital decision. Here in (BCBS) we have a headful of specialists who can help you decide what’s best for you.

(BCBS) helps you in many ways:

  • We can review your (BCBS) health insurance plan thoroughly.
  • We can determine if you are covered for that kind of abuse treatment.
  • We can help find the right kind of treatment and how much of it can be covered.
  • We can point out the best solutions and institutions for your recovery.

Does horizon BCBS cover drug and alcohol addiction treatments?

Horizon BCBS works together with one of the leaders in behavioral health disease management, Magellan Health Services, in order to provide behavioral health services and drug and alcohol addiction treatments. We are also here to make sure you receive clinically-appropriate, high-quality, affordable care.

What kind of drug and alcohol addiction treatment am I covered for, and how much of it is covered?

You are eligible for addiction and mental health services under the Managed Long-Term Services and Support plan. You might be eligible for outpatient and inpatient treatment, along with medical counseling and detox, as well as prescription services. For more details, consult your policy.

What are my additional expenses that I’m responsible for?

You have access to a secure online portal that outlines the details of your plan. As a MLTSS member, you do not have included copay for the service, but you may have other shared costs. Consult your policy for details.

How can I find out if my horizon BCBS insurance plan offers coverage for drug and alcohol addiction treatments or rehab facilities?

The easiest and most convenient way to find out what recovery and detox coverage you’re entitled to is to give our insurance assistance specialist a call. We will work on your behalf and communicate directly with Horizon to see what kind of benefits your individual policy offers. This doesn’t usually take more than 30 to 45 minutes.

Here at our Scottsdale Recovery, we pride ourselves in accepting Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield members and being a beacon of hope in the addiction field for those needing help from substance abuse. We are here to reduce that stress for you, and that’s why we work directly with Horizon and make sure that we find out all of the benefits that apply to a drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Call us today, and we’ll be able to give you a full report on your benefits in an hour.

How Important is it to go to a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facility?

No one here questions whether drug and alcohol addiction is a severe problem and can have very serious consequences if left untreated. People that face drug addiction can sometimes feel like they are lost and out of options. But in order to turn your life around, and start your part towards sobriety and full recovery you must be treated in a quality alcohol and drug rehab facility. That’s quite a major step in the direction towards recovery.

Although the length of the treatment can vary greatly from one patient to another, studies do show that patients who stay in alcohol and drug rehab facilities for a longer period are way more likely to attain permanent sobriety. If you’re someone who’s struggling with drug addiction, or you know a person who is struggling to beat this addiction now is the right time to look for medical help at an alcohol and drug rehab facility.

If you weren’t sure and wondering if (BCBS) covers out-patient and in-patient insurance the answers is yes.

During the detoxification phase (Detox) rehabilitation centers are a good option to start with. During the detox phase, your brain cells adjust to the lack of those substances in your body, and some side effects may occur. That’s why the specialists are here to help you, but since it’s a long term process of treatment, same can be continued under home conditions as well (out-patient treatment).

What Treatment Options Does Horizon Offer?

In order to successfully beat addiction, you’ll need to go through several recovery programs and treatment methods. That’s why it’s of huge important that you know which of the services are exactly covered by your health insurance plan.

Leave it up to us to coordinate with Horizon and customize a rehab treatment program that fits both your finances and your needs. Your program can also include outpatient care, specialized services and inpatient care. We always strive to simplify the financial side of the rehabilitation process so that you can put your focus on the recovery.

Depending on your policy, Horizon policyholders have a few options when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction treatments. These options include medication, basic therapy, and group therapy sessions.