The Addiction Treatment Experience at SRC…

Believe it or not, living in recovery can be fun! At Scottsdale Recovery Center, we strive to provide you with an enriched lifestyle, filled with activities that support your sobriety success. Often times people even remark how their addiction was the best thing that happened to them because of the new healthier lifestyle developed in recovery.

Surrounded by the natural beauty of Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona, you will have the opportunity to participate in outdoor activities you may not have thought of before, like horseback riding or mountain climbing…this is much more than just another of Arizona’s many drug rehabs, the is a “Treatment Experience!”

At Scottsdale Recovery Center, we provide an environment that stimulates your growth and supports long-term success in both recovery as well as life in general. Whether you are sharing a meal, room or walk in nature, our structure and support system is designed to foster your recovery success.

As you view a sample of what SRC has to offer, we truly hope you get how committed we are to providing you the best opportunities and experiences for a better and healthier lifestyle, while overcoming drug & alcohol addiction in a manner that very few treatment centers are able to provide.