Alumni Program

Scottsdale Recovery Center Alumni Program

Just as important as treatment is, aftercare is just as critical. Aftercare is utilizing the tools, coping skills and community that has been developed and nurtured during you or your loved ones stay at Scottsdale Recovery Center. Community and connection after treatment is a critical component to successful outcomes in recovery. We at SRC pride ourselves on our family and our recovery community that allows each client to call home. Over the last 10 years, Scottsdale Recovery Center has developed our Scottsdale Recovery Continued alumni program; in this program, clients can participate for months and even years after they graduate from SRC programs. Our clients are always welcome to join events and meetings hosted by our Alumni Program. We find that many that have been sober for years come back and share their experience, strength and hope and even sponsor those early in recovery. We believe this sets us apart from other treatment centers and shows the care and compassion SRC staff feels for each client. The critical piece of continued sobriety is connection and a connection with a community of those who understand the disease of addiction and whom we call our brothers and sisters. SRC is truly a family a life for anyone with a sincere desire to get sober.

For more information on our alumni program, call: 602-346-9142 or email: [email protected]