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The mission of SRC’s Alumni Association is to create a community of champions with unwavering dedication and unbridled ambition toward success in recovery.

WE will Do. WE will Fight.

WE will WIN!!!



Successful Recovery Continued: Alumni Association
Action Plan

To develop a structured alumni program that incorporates full dimensional wellness through activities and volunteerism that promote sobriety, enhance recovery lifestyle, and positively impact outcomes upon completion of treatment.

Monthly activities that create opportunities for alumni to engage in occupational wellness with significant benefits. Planning details that address potential safety risks to members, staff and the community while featuring the multitude of benefits that support the mission of SRC’ Alumni Association.

Focus: Incorporating full dimensional wellness can assist members with navigating the recovery process, making it a part of their everyday life. Utilizing the 8 Dimensions of Wellness, members will engage in meaningful, empowering and experiential activities that develop and reinforce healthy habits that will significantly impact overall health and wellness.
Eight Dimensions of Wellness:
Emotional: Pertaining to or involving emotion.
Environmental: Surroundings, conditions, milieu, social/cultural influence.
Financial: Monetary expenditures, credit, and wealth. Reconciliation, Balance.
Intellectual: Appealing to or engaging the intellect or its use, mental capacity.
Occupational: Of or relating to a job, occupation, trade or calling.
Physical: Of or relating to the body.
Social: Relating to, devoted to, companionship or relations.
Spiritual: Relating to the spirit or soul, distinguished from the physical.

Successful Recovery Continued: Alumni Association

Membership in the SRC Alumni Association begins upon completion of treatment, regardless of the level of care. Members shall exemplify the interest and the desire to promote the mission and values of Scottsdale Recovery II and Successful Recovery Continued.

Membership is FREE.

Sobriety will be recognized by a multi-tiered progression of success. Members will attain Bronze status through sustained maintenance of sobriety for a 3-month period, Silver at 6 months, Gold at 9 months and Platinum at one year. Platinum members will be inducted to the Hall of Fame and recognized for their success in recovery.

Members will be encouraged to engage in structured activities that support full dimensional wellness addressing each of the 8 dimensions; Emotional, Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical, Social, Occupational, Financial and Environmental.

Members will receive a monthly newsletter and networking opportunities through the SRC Blog to generate awareness, promote recovery, highlight success, recognize longevity in sobriety and provide information regarding SRC sponsored events.

Members will be encouraged to engage in volunteer opportunities that enhance community relations, inspire others, empower people, minimize stigma, promote unity and strengthen the core of our mission.

Successful Recovery Continued: Alumni Association
Code of Conduct

  • No use of mind or mood altering substances- to include commonly understood substances of abuse, drugs and alcohol. Any substance, legal or illegal taken with the intent to alter one’s mood or mind are included.
  • Bringing or using mind or mood altering substances onto SRII property may be grounds for immediate discharge.
  • Stealing, violent behavior and destruction of property may result in immediate discharge from SRC Alumni Association and could result in criminal charges.
  • Racism, homophobia discrimination, disruptive, threatening or abusive behavior toward staff/members/residents will not be tolerated and will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including discharge from SRC Alumni Association.
  • Smoking and vaping are permitted in designated areas ONLY. NO SMOKING, VAPING OR TOBACCO USE OF ANY KIND INSIDE SRII RESIDENTIAL
  • No gambling on premises.
  • Alumni must sign in on the Guest Sign-in Sheet and complete the Confidentiality Waiver at all SRC sponsored events.
  • Clients must not borrow, give, or sell any personal items to one another. This includes ALL tobacco and E-cigarette products.
  • DRESS CODE: Clothing must not in any manner depict, promote or resemble drugs or alcohol. Clothing may not contain graphics or pictures of sexual nature.
  • No sexual contact between participants or sexual activity with residents or non-residents on SRC properties, or while on sponsored activities. Such activities may be cause for immediate dismissal.
  • Alumni events are exclusive to successful graduates of Scottsdale Recovery II. Alumni must be sober in order to attend and participate in alumni activities. In the event that there is suspicion an alumni member is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol they will be asked to leave immediately.
  • Alumni are an extension of Scottsdale Recovery II and are expected to serve as ambassadors of recovery, representative of the company’s partnerships and public image.
  • SRC is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.

Successful Recovery Continued: Alumni Association

SRC Sponsored BBQ/Potluck

SRC Sponsored Hydration Station

SRC Sponsored Trinity (Courage, Compassion, Commitment)

SRC Sponsored OctSOBER Fest 2019

SRC Sponsored Toy Drive Kick Off

Vow to Drive Sober Annual 5K

New Year New YOU

SRC Sponsored SOBER Bowl

SRC Sponsored Self Care is Sacred

SRC Sponsored Entrepreneurship

SRC Sponsored SOBER De Mayo

Friday night Bon Fire Meetings will be held at The Ranch

Sweat Lodge and Smudging Ceremonies exclusive to Alumni Members only.


WE will Do. WE will Fight.
WE will WIN!!!



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