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Aftercare & Alumni Tighten Sobriety Success

Not all addiction treatment programs are the same, nor should they be. Each client is different and the type of program needed to best facilitate personal sobriety is enhanced through an individualized level of care. But the road to recovery doesn’t start and end with treatment. It truly begins when a patient leaves our facility and ventures into what is known as aftercare. As a Scottsdale Recovery Center alumni member, an exciting, new life of sobriety is launched and we value these relationships for many reasons.

Recovery Life Skills Are Essential to Healthy Living

Success rates for drug and alcohol addiction treatment can be easily attributed to three factors:

  • Commitment to the program
  • Living the program
  • Advocating the program

Accepting the Aftercare Commitment

As a client of Scottsdale Recovery Center, you’ve already climbed a mountain by acknowledging and accepting the decision towards lifelong recovery. We want you to continue to rise and thrive. Our aftercare program was designed with success in mind, providing the techniques needed to continue this journey to rebuild your life at arm’s length, though never out of reach.

As alumni, you’re embracing healthy living and making the right choices to further support recovery. By applying what you’ve learned during treatment, better outlooks and positive perspectives help sharpen emotional intelligence. You’ll find more balance in your day-to-day by staying away from the people and places that could spur relapse triggers and reenable addiction. Because we know just how important it is to have the tools necessary to thrive on your own, we’ve built a better aftercare program and continue to expand on it to ensure that the recovery experience is worth holding on to.

Alumni Aftercare Benefits

Whether you come to Scottsdale Recovery Center for 30, 60, 90 days or more in our Inpatient Residential or Intensive Outpatient program, there are specific behavioral, cultural and holistic practices that are meant to be utilized long after you graduate to help keep you growing stronger in sobriety.

If aftercare back home isn’t a safe space, we’ll work to refer you to a local, trusted, sober-living residence that has a history of helping other members of our alumni.

Human Touchpoints Will Continue

  During the process of aftercare, we will reach out to you to see how you’re doing and want to hear about your successes. Even if you’re having moments of insecurity, it’s a normal part of the process and we’d like you to share it with us. We prefer having phone conversations (it’s nice to hear your voice) but if text messaging is easier, we will accommodate but make sure you text us back.

Being part of the SRC alumni community is as easy as joining our facebook page and other social channels to stay in the know of what’s going on and learning about other people, like yourself. Who knows? You might be inspired to share your insights.

In addition, it’s important to maintain a regular schedule of attending 12-step meetings or another form of addiction recovery support group. It will keep you in the active realm of recovery by socializing with like-minded people and reflect on just how far you’ve come.

Aftercare Must Haves

  • Accountability
  • Connectivity
  • Reminders of Personal Success

Overcoming Treatment Dependency

Many of our clients describe their time here as comfortable but by no means easy. There’s a reason why we say to work the program and succeed. Beyond the therapies and counseling, SRC alumni build relationships – many, for a lifetime. This is one of the reasons why leaving our facilities can be emotionally challenging.

For some clients, they become Treatment Dependent. Think of it much like a young bird living the nest to go out into the world. It can feel overwhelming. You might stumble here and there. But we are confident you’ve been given the life skills needed to flourish in aftercare.

Best Sobriety Practices to Take on the Road of Recovery

Continue the good work you’ve already built upon during drug or alcohol addiction treatment by adding it to your life in recovery. There won’t be much awkwardness involved as your mind, body and spirit have already grown accustomed to this new way of living.

SRC Alumni Top 10 Tips to Stay Sober After Treatment:

  1. Surround yourself with those who support sobriety
  2. Be honest with yourself and others
  3. Change your playground (don’t revisit the harmful ones)
  4. Keep going to counseling sessions
  5. Share your commitment to sobriety with primary care doctor
  6. Stay aware of potential relapse triggers and avoid them
  7. Practice mindfulness each day through yoga, meditation, tai chi or hiking
  8. Learn something new whenever possible
  9. Engage creativity with art, music or writing
  10. Call our 24-hour hotline, (888)-663-7847

If you do take a step back due to a moment of weakness or unexpected life challenge, we’re here to help you face it and keep moving forward. Remember, we’re family – our door is always open.

Scottsdale Recovery Center Alumni Events

Social media connectivity is great for alumni but we’d like to see you face-to-face too. Open the SRC newsletter to find out about alumni events* and special recreational excursions we’ve got planned that you won’t want to miss.

  • Alumni Meetings, 7:00 – 8:00 pm, 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month
  • Fun for Alum, each quarter, volleyball, hiking, picnics, movies and more
  • Sunday Softball, join Team SRC in a local sober softball league
  • New ideas for socializing? We’d love to hear them!

It Isn’t Just Enough to Get to Sobriety, You Have to Live It

*All alumni events are free (or minimal in cost)

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