Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy

At Scottsdale Recovery Center we believe rebuilding a meaningful life with an amplified sense of well-being is the goal of overcoming any addiction.

equine therapy

Equine therapy helps those in recovery by centering and strengthening their innermost core of self while keeping them strongly tethered to their highest strivings.  This broad range of connection is fostered most distinctly by the horse, a very grounded yet spiritual being.  The horse’s intuitive sense recognizes self-defeating  patterns and mirrors these energies back to the client, which are interpreted by a skilled equine specialist and psychologist.  The lack of filter between horse and client increases personal awareness and promotes accountability and trust.

Furthering the results and gains from the open pasture to real life is a necessary aspect of equine-assisted therapy.  Treatment facilities have long recognized the importance of transitioning from the safety of a recovery setting to the real world. Equine-assisted therapy supports this transition by introducing uncontrolled variables and teaching effective self-control measures which regulate affect and increase mindfulness.  Better decisions and less impulse dyscontrol are direct results of these equine encounters.

Relationships are strengthened and their higher qualities emerge which herald deeply meaningful, sustainable soul. Learn more about equine therapy by contacting us at Scottsdale Recovery Center.