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It is not uncommon for women to ask, “what is vaginoplasty and labiaplasty?” Both procedures are surgical options for women who want to change the appearance or tightness of the vaginas or labia. It is important to learn how vaginoplasty can help benefit you before you decide to go under the knife. Women who are considering either of these cosmetic surgery procedures should turn to our team at the Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas for the best possible results. To understand the benefits of this procedure, you must first understand what vaginoplasty is.

Basic Information Women Should Know Regarding Rejuvenation Services for the Vagina

Women who have experienced changes in their pelvic muscles that have changed their sexual sensations may want to consider this procedure. Besides a tighter vaginal and pelvic muscles, women can also experience benefits such as increased enjoyment during sex. It is important to consider gender confirmation surgery risks and recovery time before making a commitment to have the procedure done.

Women who don’t allow themselves proper time to heal can experience serious issues, such as busted stitches. Women who want a more pleasurable sex life and improved control over their urination should weigh and pros and cons of having this type of procedure done. Improving the amount of pleasure you receive during intercourse and having more overall pelvic comfort can be enticing reasons why you should make an appointment to see our team of specialists at the Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas.

Exploring Your Options

If you want to obtain more information about how vaginoplasty works or what the risks might involve, you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to us at the Women’s Wellness Institute. Our staff can not only answer your questions, but we can also ease your fears and apprehensions about undergoing this surgical procedure. Women who have a vaginal width of three fingers or more are prime candidates for vaginal rejuvenation procedures. Many of our patients that come to us with vaginas that are five or more fingers in width have the goal of being approximately two fingers in width.

Not only can this surgery help women enjoy sex more, but it can also help make sex more enjoyable for their partners. Vaginal plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular among women in Dallas who want to improve their pelvic muscle control and power. For the best possible treatment and overall results, you should always rely on the professional staff we have at the Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas.

What Women Should Expect

Women who undergo vaginal tightening surgery at our facility should expect dissolvable stitches that disappear within six weeks after the procedure. Women are to limit their physical activity following their surgery to avoid busting open their stitches. General anesthesia is administered to keep patients comfortable and pain free. The procedure lasts around an hour to an hour and a half, but the time can vary from patient to patient. The underlying muscles of the pelvic area will be pushed back into their original position. The vaginal canal and opening will both be tightening during surgery.

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