How can utilizing things like luxury, comforts or holistic recovery services be used to improve long-term success in sobriety following drug or alcohol rehab?

Is holistic or luxury drug treatment and rehab more effective for sobriety?You probably don’t think of terms like luxury or holistic when it comes to addiction treatment, but more and more drug rehabs – inpatient or residential, partial hospitalization (PHP) or intensive outpatient (IOP) – are offering upscale accommodations along with holistic treatment services. So what gives? Well, I’d like to think it’s a responsible response to the increase in drug relapse and overdose spreading rapidly across our nation. Just the heroin and opiate epidemic alone is catastrophic, then add all the rest!

For so many afflicted with drug or alcohol addiction, a 30-day stay in drug rehab is typical but you are left with the feeling of, now what? You probably think the hard part is over. After all, you made it through medical detox – as hard as it was to get off of opiates and heroin – so this recovery thing can’t be too tough. If that were true, why do so many people faced with drug or alcohol addiction relapse? Your environment matters, and when it comes to addiction treatment, perhaps even more so.

Whether you are trying to recover from heroin or opiate addiction, alcoholism, or maybe have a dual diagnosis disorder, the quality of care and type of treatment services – during and after drug rehab – have a direct impact on your sobriety and overall success. All things equal, as in one’s commitment to recovery, a residential treatment program that takes into account a person’s total well-being is more apt to produce lasting success. Holistic may be a term that’s thrown around a lot these days, however, when it comes to addiction treatment, we simply can’t ignore the benefits.

When it comes to addiction treatment, people often throw around words like luxury, holistic, executive and so on. Many drug or alcohol treatment centers will go that route and literally mislead the patient and family prior to arriving at the facility!

In your desire to leave behind the world of addiction, you must consider what it’s being replaced with. Creating a new healthier lifestyle, is certainly the best way to begin, but how? There are many types of drug rehabs but one that understands your needs, provides a safe environment, luxury accommodations and holistic services, versus making you fit into their business model, is a sure fire way to introduce you to a better way of living. The best way to forget a life of darkness and failures is to replace it with one that is positive and inspirational. Your environment truly matters because if your basic needs are taken care of, you lack for nothing and there are little to no distractions, you can focus on your recovery. And let’s be honest, recovery is a life long process so it’s imperative to put measures in place to help you to remain sober and eliminate relapse.

Benefits of Luxury & Holistic Services for Addiction Treatment

Full scope of treatment services
A holistic approach utilizes a broad range of treatment services including traditional techniques such as medication management, counseling, relapse prevention and life skills planning combined with holistic services such as yoga, meditation, nutrition, coaching, pet and art therapy.

Friendly Home Environment
The object is to feel good about yourself and replace the old reminders and bad habits with new healthier ways of being. When you are staying in an environment that is more like a home versus a cold, sterile and hospital type setting, you are more comfortable and apt to open up about the causes of your addiction. Subsequently, you are inspired to create a new lifestyle that you can then transition to outside of drug rehab for lasting recovery.

Well rounded treatment staff
A comprehensive drug rehab will employ experienced addiction treatment professionals in both clinical techniques and holistic approaches. They are trained in designing and implementing a recovery program that caters to the individual’s needs and whole well being, including psychiatrists, psychotherapists, therapists, coaches, yoga and meditation instructors, nutritionists, etc.

Total Well Being
A holistic approach that considers the patient as a whole person, incorporating activities and therapies that address the mind, body and spirit aims to understand the underlying causes for drug addiction rather than just treatment of physical symptoms, thus ensuring sobriety success.

Continuous Care
Since recovery is a life long commitment, follow up and holistic aftercare services such as group sessions, 12 step meetings and sober coaching are essential to ensure sobriety as well as an overall healthy and happy lifestyle to ensure long lasting recovery.

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