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Addiction is a complex disease. Finding the right care for each patient or client can be challenging. Desired solutions are found when industry professionals communicate, collaborate and redefine best practices. This is why Scottsdale Recovery Center actively works with other treatment facilities. Because when you put people first, their road to effective recovery may require additional stops along the way.

Patient Needs Change, Treatment Programs Shift

Treatment partners

When we take a new person in for medical detox or a 12-step program, for example, there are physical, emotional and spiritual assessments made. As clients reach new plateaus in the recovery process, reevaluations happen. These are the crucial moments that can alter their path in an individualized program.

Just as your facility has its own specialty treatment services, Scottsdale Recovery Center has an industry-acclaimed list of our own. Consider our staff, highly-accredited experts in their own right who have chosen to be part of our mission – to provide exemplary addiction treatment care and elevate the way people perceive the disease, through uncompromised compassion.

As a member of the behavioral health community, we hope you’ll join us strengthening the presence of ethical addiction rehab resources available to our patients and clients. When it’s time to search for an alternative source or the next step in your client care, make Scottsdale Recovery Center the answer.

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