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Tips on treating cocaine addiction
One of the greatest public health issues facing society today is drug addiction, specifically cocaine addiction. Cocaine is one of the more addictive drugs and once someone gets addicted to cocaine, he/she does anything to take the drug. The drug is not only common among adults but it’s now penetrated into the lives of kids and teenagers as well. Besides health problems as serious as cancer, heart attack and physical problems with one’s body. Panic, anxiety, rapid pulse and respiration, dilated pupils, hallucination, confusion, and runny nose are the common symptoms of cocaine addiction.
If someone is addicted to cocaine for a prolonged period of time, irreversible damage can be done to one’s mind and body. That is the biggest reason that it is better to be vigilant in order to catch and treat cocaine addiction as early as possible.

  1. Medical help: One should seek medical help during the initial levels of addiction so that it can be cured and the harmful effects can be minimized. Seeking a good doctor regularly and taking the prescribed medicines on time helps recovering from this hazardous drug addiction. It’s recommended that these individuals check themselves into a treatment facility during this time.
  2.  Behavioral therapy: The most common method employed for treating cocaine addicted person is cognitive-behavioral therapy. This method is very effective, inexpensive and easy and takes comparatively less time than others
  3. Extending the friend circle: meeting new people, making new friends, hanging out with sober people, going to AA or CA meetings (Alcoholics and/or Cocaine Anonymous Meetings) going out with family and friends…. all helps in engaging an addict and keeping the addict’s mind free of thoughts that lead to intake of cocaine.
  4. Stay away from scenarios that trigger cocaine use: If you hang out with people who are addicted to drugs, you tend to slip back into old habits. A very simple, effective way to ensure long-term sobriety is to stay away from venues, friends, areas of town, etc that trigger thoughts or spark urges to use drugs.
  5. Check yourself into a rehab facility! Quite possibly the most effective way to get clean is to check into a reputable rehab facility, like Scottsdale Recovery Center (SRC).  Getting sober often requires many tools (coping skills, tactics to handle situations, new friends who understand, mentors to keep ex-addicts honest during recovery, etc are all things that one receives when they check into a rehab facility or drug treatment clinic.

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