People turn to alcohol and drugs for a variety of reasons. Chances are there is someone you know who when they get to drinking they become the life of the party. It could start out as just a few drinks or just a few hits of “X” drug and before you know it they’re hooked. What went from a social and recreational use has now blown into a full addiction that needs to be fed every day.

For those who become truly addicted, admitting that there is a problem is something that they can’t truly do. So how do you recognize the paths that can lead to addiction? What can you do if you perceive there to be a problem?

Take a look at the paths:

• “I’m Just Going to Try It” – Experimentation is one of the major paths to alcohol and drug addiction. Too often someone simply wants to “try” something that they’ve heard about. No one truly wakes up and says “today I will become a drug addict”. The problem is that some drugs can cause addiction even after one use. The big question is “why does someone turn to addiction?” Is it merely because of experimentation or is it something more severe like the fact that they are depressed? Watching for the causes of potential addiction can help catch a problem before it starts or it can help with treatment options.

• Recreational Use – Recreational users are those who only use drugs and alcohol in social situations. It helps them relax or have fun. While many people start out as recreational users this can quickly lead to addiction. What used to be doing something at a party only now and then results in the person using before the party so that they are ready when they get there. Then it results in taking something when they get home to relax. However a family history of addiction and other issues can turn that recreational use into a problem in no time.

• Binge Drinking – On average a large number of binge drinkers also combine drug use with it. The CDC states that there are over 38 million binge drinkers in the United States. Binge drinking is 4 to 5 or more drinks within a two hour time frame. Binge drinking can start out as recreational fun and quickly become a major problem.

Addiction is chronic and it requires intensive and often long-term treatment. Treatment begins with recognizing the path and the reasons why a person turns to addiction. According to it costs the following for overall healthcare as well as treatment of addiction:

Cost of Treatment

Addiction can easily turn deadly if not treated. Whether you’re talking prescription drugs or an illegal substance, deaths have been on the rise. Statistics show:



Addiction doesn’t have to be the end. There is life beyond addiction but the first step is recognizing that there is a problem. Recognize the paths to addiction. Denial is a silent killer but there is hope. No one wants to be a statistic.

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