Synthetic drug potentially too powerful for overdose reversal

The synthetic drug U-47700 or “pink” became more widely known in the Upstate after two people were arrested and indicted on federal charges for selling it out of a Greenville apartment complex.”

Police say people usually respond minutes after taking it, but depending on the overdose, police may have to administer another dosage.

“According to FAVOR, 79 people overdosed in Greenville last year, but NARCAN helped reverse 721 overdoses.”

The issue with “pink” is that it is not working as easily as originally thought.

“NARCAN works a certain way where it was designed to kind of knock the opioid molecule off the receptor, and since this really isn’t truly an opioid molecule, it’s having difficulty kind of knocking it off the receptor, so much as if they’d have to have another version of NARCAN to kind of knock it off,” said FAVOR CEO, Rich Jones.”

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