If you ask most Americans today the question, “Do you believe in God?” most
would answer “Yes!” But there is a critical distinction between believing in God and
allowing Him to play a role in your life.

In the book ‘A Hunger for Healing’ by J. Keith Miller, there was an analogy that
depicted the difference between deciding to buy a house and actually buying a house.
They are two very different things entirely. You may have decided to buy the house but
you haven’t taken possession of that house. You need to search out the house you
want to buy, consult your mortgage lender and a lawyer, research the house and have
an inspection of it, among many other things. Like buying a house, believing in God is
not the same as having an active reliance on Him or “having” God.

In your road to recovery you have admitted powerlessness over the addiction
and you have come to believe in a power greater than yourself, but the next step is to
actually allow that power to have influence in your life and in your recovery process.
This step is probably one of the most difficult because it requires something from
you. It requires you to abandon your self-will and trust someone else with your will and
your life. You need to make a conscious decision to allow God, in whatever your
understanding is of Him, into your life and make Him a large part of your recovery.

When you decide to turn over everything to God it doesn’t just mean the major,
obvious addictions like alcoholism. It means your everyday cares; your frustration from
sitting in traffic, dealing with difficult people, and minor irritations such as the toaster
burning your toast. It will cause you to live differently and think differently because no
longer will your life be your own. But making this decision is monumental because for
the first time since you first got high, or took your first drink you made a decision that
benefits you. This decision won’t be made for you by your family, a probation officer, a
judge, a doctor or a therapist. You need to make the decision.

You won’t know how to rely on God immediately. And giving up your self-will
does not come easily for most people. But by spending time at Scottsdale Recovery
Center you will find that working through the steps of recovery, your dependence on God
becomes easier.

Depending on God does not suggest that we deny or ignore our needs. In fact it
is quite the opposite. By living in more God-directed ways we become less needy, less
selfish and less self-preoccupied people. Everyone has needs, and in the past, the
addictions and the compulsions have been your counterfeit solution for having those
needs met. Now you need to re-evaluate what you choose to rely on. So by choosing
God you are rejecting all other methods. With God’s help you can find genuine ways of
satisfying your basic physical, emotional and spiritual hunger.

When you make the decision to come to Scottsdale Recovery Center for your
rehabilitation and recovery, you will spend many months getting to know exactly what
your needs are and you will be able to greater understand who God is to you. But don’t
negate this very important step, because what you decide in this step will shape the rest
of your recovery.

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