SRC Being of Service

SRC Being of Service

Join Our Community to Grow Awareness and Help End Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Addiction is more than a personal affair – it destroys families and desecrates communities. In our efforts to turn social outcries into broad base resolve, we embrace the opportunity to provide treatment services, educational forums, and information that helps reestablish lost relationships and saves lives.

It Takes a Village of Compassionate People to Create Change

Scottsdale Recovery Center appreciates its partnerships with other caring organizations who, like us, are steadfast in their commitment to helping those suffering with drug or alcohol addiction and other behavioral health issues. Our hope is to continue to serve others through shared belief and positive thought to create a world where people strive to do better and live better, together.
We need your help. If our sentiments resonate with your own, let us know how we can converge ideas and provide our services to help the greater whole.

10,000 Beds
10,000 Beds
Scholarships for Treatment & Recovery
Scholarships for Treatment and Recovery
Shatter Proof
Wounded Warrior
Wounded Warrior
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National Fallen Firefighters Foundation
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Foundations for First Responders
Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative
Police Assisted Addiction
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Things any excellent drug rehab center should offer

Drug addiction is a menace not only in Arizona but the world as a whole. This can be explained by the increased number of drug addiction centers around the world. In Arizona alone, there are several drug centers enough to recover every addict if all factors are considered. The sad part is that some drug addiction victims walk right back into doing drugs once they leave the rehab centers. This can be caused by different factors however, it should not be expected more so if you had to spend a lot of money. While looking for the best drug rehab center in Arizona you should check on the following;

Recommended treatment program

You need to check on the kind of treatment program that your patient will be put through during his or her stay in a luxury drug Arizona treatment center. Find out how the treatment begins and how it ends not forgetting what to expect in the end. An excellent treatment program should outline a step by step process and activities that the patients will be taken through. It is your role to confirm if the program is approved by the relevant body because you don’t want to realize later that you had put your patient in an asylum. There are some drug treatment centers that don’t follow the rules and all they want is to collect money while offering sub-standard services.

Conducive environment for recovery

Environment is vital for recovering drug addicts and that is why you will hardly find a drug rehab Arizona center in busy or noisy urban areas. Drug addiction affects the brain and as we know it, the brain is sensitive to almost everything going on around. Rehab centers are therefore isolated to prevent things like agitation and lack of focus. A good recovery environment for drug addicts should also be drug free. It will be pointless to have a patient enrolled in a rehab center where he or she can get access to the same drugs that they are trying to get free from.

Right facilities

In order to keep an addict distracted from the urge to used drugs, a rehab center needs to have all the right kinds of distractions. From games and other treatment activities, a recovering patient should have everything they need for a full recovery. Idleness is a big threat for a recovering mind because it will lead them to thinking about how much fun they are missing staying sober. It is therefore imperative to consider how much the patient will be occupied in a rehabilitation center.