When you find out that your spouse has a drug addiction, it can be hard to comprehend what’s going on, how it happened, and what to do next. You may ask how this could be happening to someone who you’ve been married to and trust? Many spouses mistake signs of addiction for for something else entirely and may miss the telltale signs. Stress, exhaustion, or burnout can cause traits similar to addiction. Learn about the signs of addiction and what you need to do to help your spouse not only recover but go on to live a productive and sober life.

Facts about drug addiction

If you’ve never been around someone who is addicted before your spouse became addicted, it’s important to understand what drug addiction is. According to, addiction is a chronic disease characterized by drug use that is compulsive or difficult to control, even if there are no harmful consequences. It IS a “disease”; not the moral weakness shortcoming many people think it is. There are many reasons why someone may become addicted to drugs, including environment, biology and genetic factors. Regardless of how someone becomes addicted, the key is to recognize when it’s happening and get your spouse help as quickly as possible.

Signs to look for if you suspect your spouse is using

It’s vital to seek help immediately from a treatment, detox and recovery center to get them the help they need if you notice signs such as missed work or always late to work, memory or cognitive problems, theft in your household or unexplained missing items. You might also notice significant amounts of cash or savings missing or unexplained credit card debt. Social cues might include withdrawing from friends and family or abandoning social activities.

While any of these may be symptoms of other physical or mental issues other than drug addiction, it’s important to confront your spouse and learn the truth so you know how to get the help they need. Drug recovery professionals can guide you through this conversation.

When your spouse has a drug addiction

Ask for help immediately. Getting help for your spouse as quickly as possible once you determine there is an addiction is critical. Don’t try to address the problem on your own without seeking professional help. This often fails as spouses or partners are ill-equipped to help their significant other overcome an addiction. Worse, a spouse may sink further into addiction without the proper, professional help they desperately need, and could die from their addiction if proper intervention isn’t done. Find a facility that helps with intervention and family guidance. The key is to get help as quickly as possible. Turning to a professional facility such as Scottsdale Recovery Center can make the difference between success and failure in fighting addiction.

Be sure to understand that you have a difficult road ahead dealing with your partner’s addiction recovery. It’s important to be supportive and don’t blame or judge your partner. You also need to take care of yourself by staying healthy and by having a positive attitude about the situation. Learn everything you can about drug addiction, what may have triggered your spouse, and how to help them avoid those triggers in the future. Don’t make the mistake of avoiding the issue, and don’t make it worse by covering it up. As the caregiver to your spouse, you may also be tempted to drink, smoke or eat more than usual; don’t fall into that temptation. You might be tempted to make rash decisions such as separation or divorce. A strong, present family is an integral part of an addict’s recovery, and you need to be involved every step of the way.

If your spouse has a drug addiction don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and contact a treatment professional immediately. They will work with your spouse, and your family, to create lasting success in sobriety, recovery and life beyond rehab!

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