Unbreakable Advocacy Helps Remove the Stigma

When we first learned about, it was as if they were speaking our voice – but louder. Scottsdale Recovery Center had to contribute to their cause because the people we touch every day and those we’ve yet to meet resonate with what they represent. To have the opportunity to align with a core, national organization that brings people together in the fight to stop alcohol and drug addiction through research, education and community outreach struck at our mission.

Digging in the Dirt to Help Others Come Clean

One of the many facets of is their focus on reshaping the way people, businesses and government agencies view addiction and the corresponding ways in which we provide treatment. It is their quest to reset and raise the bar on the addiction treatment industry (not a day too soon) by reviewing current standards and adding more guidelines to better protect patients and their families. With an upgraded approach in how to treat addiction as a whole, will then ask local, state and federal entities to step up and offer more financial resources to help meet the need, which is great and growing.

Many of the people involved in their volunteer network, employees and leadership know too well the damage that drug use disorder and alcoholism causes addicts, their loved ones and the neighborhoods they live in. Part of the problem is the limited resources available to those in need. aims to create an easier path to treatment and recovery through a simplified resource system that matches people to the right recovery program in less time, minimizing the risk for additional trauma or relapse.

Addiction Industry Transparency Empowers Change

By partnering with, the important messages about drug abuse and alcohol addiction prevention can be heard more effectively across the country and worldwide. Addiction affects community and through industry connectivity we can bring attention to it that is far-reaching and more engaging than ever before. This means that some addiction rehab and recovery facilities will be called out for their unethical practices and deceitful representation of who they are and what they have to offer. We say, bring it!

Shatterproof Events – Stay Involved!

Join us in reinforcing the message of transparency for ethical and healthy addiction treatment resources. Find out how you can help If you live in Arizona, support our partnership. Come run with our team in the 2019 Phoenix Rock ‘N Roll Marathon. Check out the events coming soon! 

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