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5 Signs Your Loved One Is In Need Of Military Addiction Treatment In Arizona

When our friends and loved ones sign on to protect our country, we simply never know what is going to happen next. The prospect of seeing a friend or loved one who is enlisted in the military struggling with addiction can be too much to bear. If you would like to know more about the signs that your loved one requires military addiction treatment in Arizona, be sure to read on.

These signs can often manifest themselves in a variety of ways. Knowing more about the red flags will allow you to locate a military addiction treatment center in Arizona more quickly. Let's take a closer look at the common issues that take place in situations like these.

1) Constantly Finding Excuses To Self Medicate

There are often instances where a soldier returns from a tour of duty and is unable to resume their normal life. They will find every excuse to use drugs or alcohol. When your friend or loved one has begun to use drugs and alcohol excessively and they are also finding ways to justify the behavior, this is a sign that they are in need of a military addiction treatment facility in the Arizona region.

2) Increasing Tolerance

While an addiction may start with a few harmless beers or something similarly lax, the addict's tolerance will only increase over the course of time. As the person becomes accustomed to steadily rising amounts of drugs and alcohol, they will need more and more to feel the same effect. Once the addict's tolerance starts to increase, their safety is placed at a higher level of risk.

3) Angry Reactions

If you take the time to speak with your loved one about your concerns and they react in an angry manner? This is a massive red flag. When the person has become truly addicted to their substance of choice, they cannot imagine life without it. A person that does not want to cut back on their consumption (while also becoming enraged at the idea) is a person who is in need of addiction treatment.

4) Withdrawal From Activities

As soon as the addict becomes aware of the fact that they do not have the approval of the people who matter most to them, they will usually withdraw from their social circles entirely. This allows them to continue using drugs and/or alcohol without having to worry about the judgement of others. Their usual activities tend to become less appealing as their addiction continues to grow. The more the addiction grows, the more withdrawn the person will become.

5) No Respect For Consequences

By definition, an addiction is taking place when the person decides that the negative consequences for their actions do not outweigh the pleasure of drugs/alcohol. If the person is well aware of the consequences of their actions and still continues to use, this means that they are in dire need of addiction treatment. In many instances, the addict will no longer care about their familial relationships and they may not even continue to hold down employment.


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