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Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Washington State

What You Should Know About Inpatient Alcohol Treatment In Washington State

Inpatient treatment for alcohol abuse is also called residential treatment. It is used to describe a treatment option that requires that the patient being treated for alcohol abuse resides in the treatment facility for the duration of treatment. When you are in inpatient alcohol treatment in Washington state, you'll sleep, eat and do everything within the treatment facility. This is different from the outpatient treatment option where the patient is only required to go to the center for treatment as scheduled but not required to remain there throughout treatment.

Benefits Of Opting for Inpatient Alcohol Treatment In Washington State

1) Managing Withdrawal Symptoms Is Easier

The duration of treatment for alcoholism varies from patient to patient and depends on the severity of the condition. However, most patients tend to suffer withdrawal symptoms during the duration of treatment, especially during the early stages. When a patient is being treated in an outpatient facility, coping with withdrawal symptoms will challenging. This is especially so when the patient resides alone. When the patient is admitted to an inpatient facility, however, these symptoms can be monitored by professionals to avoid fatalities or other problems associated with withdrawal. The professionals know what to do when cravings, anxiety, and other symptoms occur. They can quickly intervene. When a patient is facing withdrawal symptoms during treatment in an outpatient facility, the chances of relapse are high because the patient can easily access alcohol in an attempt to curb the symptoms.

2) It Reduces The Possibility Of A Relapse

Inpatient treatment reduces the possibility of relapse because it makes it difficult for a patient to access alcohol. Although some patients can smuggle alcohol into the facility or leave the program to drink alcohol, being in such a facility makes it more difficult for the patient to reach it. There are also social activities organized to make sure that the patient remains distracted and not isolated. Rather than staying alone and thinking about alcohol, they are encouraged to socialize with other individuals who share the same problem.

3) It Takes The Patient Away From Triggers Of Emotional Pain

Most times, people start abusing alcohol due to one emotional problem or the other. It could be pressure from a loved one, stress from work, emotional abuse, etc. When such a person is being treated in an outpatient setting, the person will have to go back home after the treatment, and this means the person will have to face the cause of the emotional pain again. This can lead to depression and possible relapse. An inpatient center is structured to distant the client from causes or emotional pain that can lead to a relapse. They will be kept too busy to think about their pain. Most programs offer patient physiological therapy during the transition into abstinence.

Although inpatient and outpatient facilities record higher success rates that home treatment, records show that the success rate in an inpatient treatment centers is higher than in outpatient treatment centers. Inpatient alcohol treatment in Washington state is the best option for individuals who have struggled with alcohol abuse for a long time with multiple cases of relapse.


Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Washington State
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Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Washington State Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Washington State