The staff and residents at Scottsdale Recovery Center wish to express our sadness and grief surrounding the October 14, 2015 announcement of Lamar Odom being hospitalized over an apparent drug and/or alcohol overdose.

Details as of yet are scarce, however the latest reports have Mr. Odom in a Las Vegas, NV hospital with friends and family at his side.

Events like this seem to be far more prevalent these days than in years past. With the ever growing heroin and opiate pain pill epidemic continuing to blossom nationwide, coupled with the vastly expanding availability of street drugs in general, these stories of overdose in the news have sadly become a commonplace occurrence. The difference here of course is that Lamar Odom is a name and a face we all know, but the pain of such widespread drug overdoses transcends any one person’s notoriety, and is applicable to anyone going through such tragedy.

Latest reports issued state that Mr. Odom had been using large amounts of cocaine as well as an array of over 10 sexual performance supplements – see complete story.

It’s times like this where the staff here at Scottsdale Recovery Center will often gather the clients in a group setting and discuss any number of thoughts, feelings and concerns that may be arising from such an event. In the end however, it really calls to question as to whether Lamar Odom was a candidate for residential drug treatment. Though our sadness and concern for the family are the initial response, we cannot avoid the reality that all too often, those in need of drug rehab are either unaware of it or unable to engage in it, for whatever reason…

Scottsdale Recovery Center remains wholly committed toward continuing to make addiction treatment as readily available as possible, for both men and women. We will continue to move forward in this process and do all we can to help lessen the likelihood for yet another Lamar Odom story.

The Scottsdale Recovery Center staff sends warm wishes for health and recovery to Lamar Odom and family…you’re in our thoughts and prayers.

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