Hello my name is Chaz Delong. I am 22 years old and live in Scottsdale AZ. I was blessed with the opportunity to work with Scottsdale Recovery Center about 4 months ago. I truly go into work everyday happy, and excited to work with all the clients. I have worked at a total of 5 Rehabilitation Centers (mostly in California), and i have to say not one of them compared to what Scottsdale Recovery Center has to offer. SRC has one goal, and that’s to do everything in our power to help each individual client gain Sobriety. In my experience, not all treatment centers have that as a sole goal. Here at Scottsdale Recovery Center, every single staff member is on the same page of where each client is at in their recovery and that is a big part in the number of success stories to come out of this facility. I have felt that i am part of one big family the whole time i have been working here and there is no other place id rather be in this point of my career. THANK YOU!!

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