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Alcoholism and drug abuse don’t only cast dark shadows on people who can afford treatment. It’s often those that have limited-to-no resources who fall into the cycle of substance addiction with no way out, until they reach a dead end. The compassionate professionals of Scottsdale Recovery Center believe that every human being deserves the opportunity to heal, irrespective of one’s net worth.

Scholarships for Addiction Treatment Replace Helplessness with Hope

If you’ve ever wanted to get bolstered with inspiration, it happens instantaneously after hearing a story from a former addict, now enjoying sobriety, recalling time spent in rehab at the Scottsdale Recovery Center. These are the stories that get others, who need help, to seek help.

Scholarships provide hope for a better tomorrow in people who need it today. These aren’t handouts; recovery takes personal commitment and the will to see a program through. Our scholarships are meant for people who genuinely want to embrace sobriety as a long-term lifestyle. In fact, some of our graduates are scholarship recipients continuing to work as leaders at our treatment facilities.

Scholarship Partners Include:

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