For those new in recovery from drug and alcohol addictions, as well as dual-diagnosis disorders, places like Phoenix & Scottsdale, AZ offer many resources.

Recovery is a life long process. Success in sobriety comes from a desire and commitment to be free of substance abuse and continuously engage in a healthier lifestyle. If you have completed a stay in residential drug rehab or an outpatient treatment program, you will undoubtedly be searching for sober living homes or addiction treatment centers to sustain your sobriety and build a better life. Fortunately, Arizona, particularly Scottsdale and Phoenix, offer a plethora of choices to support those in recovery from drug addiction and dual diagnosis disorders.

Below you will find some suggestions if you have completed residential/inpatient drug treatment and are looking for practical tips on how to best ensure your sobriety continues to flourish.

Living in structured sober living/recovery housing

It’s tough to go back home after being in residential drug rehab. There are so many reminders of your past substance abuse. Sober living homes are a great transition to allow you time to create a new lifestyle. The staff at recovery houses have been where you are now so they can provide the support and structure to help you maintain your sobriety. In addition, you will be surrounded by others who are also dealing with drug addiction and dual diagnosis disorders so you can feel comfortable in sharing and forge new relationships.

Attending IOP outpatient treatment

Intensive outpatient programs in Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona combined with a sober living home will provide a continuity of care that will allow you to both focus on your recovery as well as build a better lifestyle. During the day, you can receive treatment for drug or alcohol addiction and or dual diagnosis, and then come home to a supportive community of people in the same position as you, willing to help you learn, grow and build long lasting sobriety success. More information can be found on this page:

Going to AA/NA meetings regularly

You will find plenty of AA and NA meetings around the Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona region. Having a solid recovery community will help to support you through the recovery process and encourage and inspire you toward long term success in your sobriety. Check out AA/NA meetings here:

Working closely with a sponsor

You are not alone. Fighting the demons of drug addiction or dual diagnosis is tough but there are plenty of people out there who can relate to where you are now and truly want to help you succeed. A sponsor is your friend, confidant, someone to talk with, and call upon at any time when you are feeling low or slipping into a dark place. They want to help you as much as you need their help. You will find an extensive recovery community in Arizona where you can choose a sponsor you feel comfortable with in and around Scottsdale or Phoenix.

Finding productive hobbies

Healthy habits and activities can help stimulate and inspire you to lasting sobriety. Getting out of your head and leading a fulfilling life can facilitate your recovery and leave behind the world of addiction. Arizona is a beautiful place to engage in an array of outdoor activities like hiking, biking, kayaking, tennis, golf and so much more. Volunteering is a wonder means to helping yourself while you are helping others in need. There is certainly no shortage of opportunities to get involved in healthy ways while throughout Scottsdale or Phoenix.

Maintaining healthy relationships with other sober people

Surrounding yourself with others who are in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction or dual diagnosis will provide the much needed support to maintain your sobriety. Since there are many drug rehabs, outpatient and residential treatment centers as well as sober living homes Arizona, you will have plenty of opportunities to build new and healthier relationships with sober people who can inspire and motivate you in your recovery process.

This is an exciting time as you look to build a new life free from substance abuse. The dedicated staff at Scottsdale Recovery Center understands and can totally relate to where you are at. Our mission is to help you create a meaningful and fulfilling life. Please reach out to us 24/7 at 602.346.9142.

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