With so much debate over the use of cannabis a.k.a. marijuana, it stands to reason that people will wonder if the use of cannabis can lead to harsher and more illicit drugs. So what exactly is cannabis? Cannabis is the botanical or genus term; marijuana is the street term however they are one in the same. Cannabis is a flowering plant. It comes in three different varieties including sativa, indica and ruderalis. Cannabis originated in Asia in the southern and central areas.

While some think that cannabis is a fairly new drug that has only been around for a hundred years or so the truth is it has been around for quite some time. Prior uses of cannabis have included using it as a source of fiber, for oil and of course for recreational use.

Cannabis as a plant has over 400 chemicals in it. It has been used over the years in its dried form which is almost like an herb, as a resin, a powder or as an oil. One of the main ingredients in cannabis is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol; delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). THC has been known to have painkilling properties which is one of the reasons it has become so popular for medicinal use. In addition it has been shown to work well in treating nausea, anxiety, and inflammation as well as may help reduce the growth of cancer cells. When someone uses cannabis they can experience the munchies, have a feeling of extreme relaxation as well as fatigue in some cases.

So can the use of cannabis lead to harsher drug use? According to research performed by Michelle Taylor, a researcher at the University of Bristol, cannabis use can be a gateway to more illicit drug use. While this is still widely debated the research is showing to support this hypothesis. When surveyed users of cocaine and heroin stated that they were strong cannabis users before turning to more illicit drugs. More research will have to be done in order to make a thorough determination but so far the findings are leaning towards cannabis being a gateway drug.

For years people have smoked cannabis. During the 1970’s the use of cannabis was common amongst its users. As with anything, a person can become dependent on just about any substance out there. The use of cannabis and it’s legalization in the United States has divided the nation with each side feeling that they are right.

Anything that alters your state of being and your mind is something that anti-cannabis user’s state should not be legal because it can be addictive. No one wants to become an addict. Being dependent on something and “having” to have it is not a way to live. However if you or someone you know are addicted to a substance and you want to break free from it then there is help.

It’s easy to get addicted to something but hard to walk away from it. That is where rehabilitation comes into play. Rehab will help patients walk through the process of getting clean and sober. It’s a long road but it is a road that can be traveled successfully.

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