Health insurance coverage for drug rehab at Scottsdale Recovery Center


One of the main concerns many people face after the decision to go into rehab is how the cost for the treatment will be covered. Paying for rehab might be a distressing thought, especially if your financial situation is not the best one. Many people are unsure about insurance coverage for rehab and feel worried that this could be an obstacle in the recovery process. Here at Scottsdale Recovery Center we accept most if not all private insurance policies; all you have to do is call our toll free help-line and we will assist you in the entire process.


First of all, we need to recognize that addictions are expensive, and in the long run the money spent in sustaining dependence—especially substance dependence—is of a much greater quantity than the money that might be spent by paying for rehab. Ultimately, finding a way to cover the expenses of addiction treatment benefits both the health and the finances of the addict. Don’t stress too much about the financial obligations of treatment, let us do everything for you!


Insurance Coverage and Related Concerns

Modern insurance firms have come to realize that coverage for both inpatient and outpatient rehab treatment for addiction is a necessity, recognizing that it is a medical problem that needs prompt attention. The fact that the ongoing adverse effects of an untreated addiction could mean higher expenses for the insurance company has begun to change the way rehab is covered. On the other hand, addiction is sometimes considered as an incurable disease with relapses being a high possibility, which makes insurance policies on this matter more complex.
Another factor to consider is the type of rehabilitation program needed. Detoxification is necessary when an addict becomes physically dependent and the body needs constant doses to function normally; medical supervision is recommended in this part of the process. The coverage may also vary depending if the treatment is of an inpatient or outpatient nature. Co-payment is sometimes a requisite in outpatient treatment coverage with every visit to the treatment center.
Since Scottsdale Recovery Center mimics Inpatient Rehab Programs, we are able to accept insurance for both IOP and PHP, so 99% of the time we can take your insurance with little or no
deductible. Call us now to verify your benefits!


An Affordable Recovery Process

A rehab program can fluctuate from being a very affordable option to an expensive process. But as we stated earlier, leaving addiction untreated is ultimately a bigger economical loss and a life-threatening problem. Cost may depend on length, type and services offered by the program. We are a long term program and utilize the most modern approaches to negotiating with these insurance companies to pay for your stay.

Free Assistance and Advice on Paying for Rehab

Call our toll-free helpline today to obtain free help and information regarding your insurance coverage and the benefits you are eligible for. The lines are open 24 hours a day to assist you on checking if your insurance covers our rehabilitation program here at Scottsdale Recovery Center. Also, we can inform you without a cost about detox programs, intervention services, rehab facilities, family counsel, transport to and from our facility and more. Don’t suffer any longer because of addiction and call no – Use your insurance for rehab!
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