The state of the internet for business owners is a scary place, particularly speaking about business review and complaint websites. For drug and alcohol treatment centers, these review sites are especially troublesome. Drug and alcohol treatment facilities, like Scottsdale Recovery Center, have been assaulted and held captive by bogus reviews, false complaints and slander. These bogus reviews are from people that have either relapsed in our program and are unfortunately not sober, and in resentment mode, have gotten kicked out for behavioral issues, or are from competitors trying to steal business away from us. Furthermore, some of these complaints and phony reviews are from people who just don’t like the fact that we own a treatment center; purely out of resentment. Why? That’s a good question, i have no clue. It’s very sad and it’s possibly deterring somebody who could desperately use our services to get sober.
At Scottsdale Recovery Center, our relapse policy is clearly stated on our intake form, as well as our no refund policy. ALL clients sign to acknowledge their acceptance of these policies, and are made aware of what will happen due to the unfortunate event of a relapse or a discharge for behavioral purposes. Upon a relapse, which is rare but still does happen, we give credit towards coming back into our treatment program, however, it’s our discretion to make that decision or not. If we see the willingness and a change of attitude and a passionate desire to get sober, we allow re-entrance into the program. This is the case 90% of the time. If we don’t see the commitment, and this individual may become a threat to the serenity, safety and sobriety of the other clients, we may decide to refer them elsewhere; there are programs we refer to that are designed for more troubled clients with chronic, disruptive behavioral patterns. Not to say we can’t handle a problem client, God knows we’ve had several of them that are now sober and living phenomenal lives, but in this situation, it may be our determination that they get referred to a facility better equipped to handle them, therefor offering them a better chance of sobriety and recovery. It’s all about keeping Scottsdale Recovery Center a “Sanctuary for Sobriety” at all times, and the decision we make to release a client is solely based on the well being of that client.
With all this being said, back to why I feel it’s important that i write this post. Don’t fall victim to the false allegations out there on Scottsdale Recovery Center and send your loved one or decide for yourself to seek drug and/or alcohol treatment elsewhere. Come and see for yourself, take a tour, come meet the therapists, the staff, see the facilities, come meet me, hear my story….I got sober many years ago and work a spiritual program of honesty, integrity, compassion and love, the same principles in which i instill here at Scottsdale Recovery Center. These ridiculous, phony reviews out there questioning the integrity of our organization, or the bogus allegations about supposed, untrue events that have taken place here, it’s hurtful to say the least. Especially to me being the Founder of Scottsdale Recovery Center, a treatment organization i founded solely for the purpose of helping the still suffering alcoholic and addict get and stay sober.
Does every business strive to make a profit? Absolutely. Our doors must remain open for our purpose to be served. However, that’s not our mission, nor is it our goal. Our mission and goal is to help people get sober. PERIOD. We have 17 employees, a huge overhead, a treatment facility, three homes and usually twenty or so clients that we house, feed, take care of and treat. Owning a drug and alcohol treatment facility is a very expensive endeavor so for those of you who think my business partner and I are automatic millionaires for owning a treatment center, think again! That’s far from the truth. Furthermore, we charge about a third less than our competitors. Do your research! We would rather help as many people get sober then raise our rates and only cater to those who can afford it. Again, we are in business to help people get sober, and we offer the most competitive rates in Arizona. We offer EVERYTHING these other treatment centers do, plus our facilities are often nicer and the amenities are more appeasing BUT most importantly our treatment team is the best around. Additionally, we offer proven modalities of treatment that nobody else around here offers.
I started this because it was a way for me to be of service to others, to give back to the community; my sobriety depends on it. So don’t listen to these people talking negatively about Scottsdale Recovery Center, or any substance abuse treatment facility for that matter. Do your own research and formulate your own opinions. Making a decision to get sober is quite possibly the toughest decision one may ever have to make; do your due diligence before you commit. Scottsdale Recovery Center is founded and ran on the principles in which i live my life, the principles in which keep me sober. These same principles are instilled in all our clients that come through our doors. if you don’t believe me, come and see for yourself! Don’t read these reviews and rely on the false information contained within them because you will be denying yourself or your loved one an experience of a lifetime; the experience to start your journey in sobriety at one of the best, most passionate treatment facilities around.
To all the people out there slandering Scottsdale Recovery Center, know that my staff and I aren’t affected by your phoney reviews and bogus allegations. All it’s doing is hurting those who strive for passionate and effective substance abuse treatment.  We will continue doing what we do best, and that’s help the still suffering alcoholic and addict get and STAY sober! Thank you.
Chris Cohn, MAC, NCRS
Founder and President
Scottsdale Recovery Center

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