“We will move a little and breathe a lot.” These are the words my students will hear quite often on the yoga mat at Scottsdale Recovery Center. I am a yoga teacher at Scottsdale Recovery Center, where I aim to help our clients find a beautiful connection between body, mind and soul.

For years, and for some of our clients most of their lives, alcohol and/or drugs have controlled their every move, thought, and decision – poisoning their bodies, fogging their minds, and dimming the beautiful light that shines within. They have lost touch of themselves and can’t imagine how their bodies may feel without that drink or pill.

The physical practice of yoga, along with breathing techniques, can help bring a beautiful awareness back into their bodies. This weekly practice at Scottsdale Recovery Center becomes a wonderful complement to their 12-step program and their intense treatment schedule.  As they take steps down the 12-step path, they do so with a stronger body, clearer mind, and brighter soul from rolling out their yoga mats each week to move a little and breathe a lot.

I am honored to be a part of Scottsdale Recovery Center and humbly grateful to see the powerful and successful impact of a truly passionate treatment regimen; Recovery Based Yoga included of course 😉

Heidi Malano

RYT 200-certified, AFAA-certified Personal Trainer, Scottsdale Recovery Center Yoga Practitioner.

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