Addiction can be very problematic for any teen, and the worst part is that it can traumatize him/her for the long term. This is where parents need to come into play. Offering the proper support is a very good idea, and by doing so, a teen will be able to deal with that addiction and even remove it from their life and into recovery.

Common signs of teen drug abuse

  • Unexpected drop in grades
  • Loss of interest in hobbies
  • Poor hygiene
  • Avoiding eye contact or conversations
  • Sneaking home late

The first thing all parents need to focus on is offering support to their teen. Being supportive will help bring positivity to the situation, and it will also encourage your teen to opt for recovery as fast as possible. Parents tend to be negative about addiction, and who can blame them? A huge amount of time, resources, and emotions go into raising a child, and no one wants to see that lost to a substance problem. However, showing the proper support can have tremendous impact on the road to recovery. Staying engaged and focused is crucial here. Also, try to be focused on the good and diminish any negative reactions if you can. It’s also recommended to be respectful and kind, and if you can, reduce distractions and spend more one on one time with your teen.

Being more involved in your teen’s life is also a very important thing to take into consideration here. This is where you should be the best parent that you can be. Avoid being overprotective or too permissive. Just show that you understand the situation, and you want to help your teen, but you are upset and don’t agree with what happened.

We recommend you to enroll your teen into a treatment program as soon as you notice a problem. Drug addiction and substance abuse are problems that often times require professional help. Remember, you will need to go with your child and show your support. Many children tend to become a teen addict because they don’t have a strong relationship with their parents. So, making sure that you go to each therapy session or treatment phase can mean a lot.

Parents should understand that dealing with addiction is not easy even for an adult, and it can be very demanding for any teen. This is why we believe offering the right support and guidance is the right approach. That being said, make sure that you talk with your child and do all you can to offer him or her a new perspective on life. Sharing positive things about recovery can give that needed push to help them get back control of their life.

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