Nursing Homes Appleton Wi

Nursing Homes Appleton Wi

Article provided by: Recovery Inn

Nursing Homes Appleton Wi

Recovery Inn is one of the first-rate nursing homes in Appleton, WI. We offer highly rewarding physical, occupational, and speech therapy to seniors and patients recovering from injury, surgery, or hospitalization.

What is post-op care?

Postoperative care is an after-care procedure offered to patients following surgery. Generally, the type of surgery and your health history determines the kind of postoperative care. However, some of the standard components of post-op care include pain management, wound care, physical therapy, diet management, medication management, etc.

Postoperative care begins immediately after surgery and can last for 3-6 months or more, based on the type of surgery and the progress you make in recovery. Some surgeries may require the patients to be on complete rest, while some surgeries require patients to practice specific physical exercises. 

We are one of the best nursing homes in Appleton, WI, with modern amenities. We offer the highest quality post-op care to patients of all ages with a team of compassionate and well-experienced staff. Through post-op care, we strive to help our guests resume their routine activities as soon as possible.

Services available under hospice care

Hospice is a type of medical care that improves the quality of life in patients suffering from a terminal illness or life-limiting disease. This care ensures the holistic wellbeing of patients by attending to their medical, emotional, and social needs. At our nursing home, we offer outstanding hospice care services, where patients have access to on-call nurses and physicians 24 hours a day.

Furthermore, all hospice patients have a social worker working on their case to take care of their emotional and social needs. We also offer counseling, dietary services, medication management, respite care, physical, speech, occupational therapy, and cognitive training to all our hospice patients. Lastly, we also provide these patients with all the necessary equipment like a wheelchair, oxygen, adult diapers, etc. and offer them with the best care in a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment.

Benefits of physical therapy

Physical therapy aims to improve the range of motion and function in patients recovering from injury and surgery. Physical therapy programs are custom-designed as per the unique medical needs of each patient and offer patients with the following benefits:

  • It involves practicing a set of exercises and manual therapy techniques to eliminate joint and soft tissue pain. It improves mobilization and helps restore muscle and joint function.
  • Physical therapy helps you minimize pain and fastens healing after an injury. It involves several stretching and strengthening exercises that help reduce the challenges faced by patients while standing, walking, sitting, and sleeping.
  • A stroke can result in losing function and movement to a certain extent. Physiotherapy exercises aids in recovery after a stroke by strengthening the weak bodyparts and improving balance. It also enables patients to be more independent in performing daily activities.

Get in touch with Recovery Inn today for more details on our services and prices. We are one of the few nursing homes in Appleton, WI, to offer amenities like individual climate control, restaurant-style dining, and medical transportation.

Nursing Homes Appleton Wi

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Nursing Homes Appleton Wi

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