National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

We Remember to Never Forget the Fallen and their Families

It’s random. Those moments that a siren rings out in the dead of night or during daytime rush hour when the fire service is called upon to save a building or more importantly, save a life. For the men and women who work for our fire departments across America, these are the moments they are trained for and live for. It’s an opportunity to shine and help others. To them, it’s a job dictated through life purpose. To their families, it’s a risk that comes with the territory. To the rest of us, it’s a blessing. Until a situation arises that is insurmountable. Like 9-11 and others. These are the instances that necessitate help from civilians.

The professionals of Scottsdale Recovery Center wholeheartedly feel a deep appreciation for those that serve by continuing to advocate and donate to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF). Committed to supporting the physical and mental well being of firefighters, NFFF provides assistance to their service members survivors in the event of on-the-job injury or death.

Although we treat the specific needs of firefighters and First Responders who may struggle with substance use disorders and mental health challenges, it is our hope that they never have to enter our doors. But in case they do….

Firefighters and their Families Deserve First Class Treatment

We marvel at the strength and resiliency of the United States fire service departments and their families. You stand ready to protect. When on-the-job circumstances put you in harm’s way, we stand ready to restore your faith, compassion and inner strength. We trust in you. We offer a safe place where you can trust in us.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) affects many who work in a capacity where trauma is part of the job. PTSD isn’t something to be ignored or passed off as an everyday occurrence. Firefighters and their loved ones don’t have to live with the unfortunate repercussions of trauma exposure such as PTSD. Often, those who suffer opt to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol to numb emotional or physical pain. Over time, this behavioral choice grows into a vicious cycle where substance abuse feeds pain, and pain feeds substance abuse. If your personal foundation has been shaken, our programs will hold you up until you’re ready to stand strong.

Salute Our Fallen Firefighters by Sharing their Cause

You may not have ever needed to call a firefighter to your side. You are fortunate. But for the thousands who have and the many who call upon them tomorrow or for any day thereafter, we are grateful. Help us by supporting the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation in any way possible. Your personal commitment could help save a life, perhaps even someone you know.

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